The board exam is just around the corner and if you are one of the many students who will be appearing for boards, you sure will be getting restless as the day is about to approach. As the day approaches, the pressure would be building up for you as well as for your parents. However, the key to sail through this is to keep your cool and beat the stress.

Here are some quick tips for you that would help you beat the stress and overcome the pressure of the exam:

  • Healthy breakfast: Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Having a good breakfast will not let your energy level go down. One must have breakfast that is energy giving and not what will make you lethargic.
  • Drink enough water: our body comprises around 80% of water hence it is one of the most important constituents. Drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated during exams.
  • Last-minute revision: You have been giving your best round the year. Your schools have taken your pre-board exams and you know where you stand. Hence wisdom is doing last-minute revision rather than doing something you don’t know. Whatever you have done, make sure that it is done in the best way.
  • Practice: Your pressure during an exam will stay away if you have practiced enough. When you have practiced, you will become more confident during exams and that is how you will keep stress away.
  • Time management: Give some time to yourself even during exams. Studying all day long will wilt down your mood. You won’t be able to focus more. Hence have some break, do something that you like and then get back to your studies. This will help increase concentration and keep you focused.
  • Speak your mind out: You may feel a lot of pressure before exams and you want to relieve it soon. Why not take the help of someone you are close to. Speak about your feelings and thoughts to that person. Few motivating words and a touch of assurance will shatter down your stress.
  • Deep breathing/ Exercise/ Meditation: When you sit in your examination hall, take a deep breath. Close your eyes and breathe deeply through the nose to feel relaxed. When ample amount of oxygen will enter your blood cells which will help you in memorizing better. It is important to remain relaxed during exams and for that, you must have a relaxed mind. Exercise and meditation will boost you up physically and mentally.
  • Leisure time: We all need some kind of ME time for ourselves. It is important to get out of the routine and do just nothing or do something you are passionate about. As a student, you must have some leisure time. You may take up some hobby classes, watch TV or a movie, Read books, or do anything that makes you happy. Having a small leisure time in a day will help in better performance.
  • Do not rush: You are in the exam hall to write an exam paper. You have been given time for the same. Therefore take your time and write your exam well. Don’t rush but at the same time ensure that you are not lagging.
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We hope these tips were useful in handling pressure during exams and we wish all the students with GOOD LUCK.

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