An MBA is the most sought Degree when it comes to Post Graduation. Students all over the world irrespective of their Bachelors, may it be BBA, BCom., B.E., BSc., or any other Program, pursue an MBA for their Masters Education and to reach the next height of their Career.

Well, considering the wave of MBA in the current generation of Students, Job Seekers, and Professionals, one needs to Stop and Think if going to a B School is the Right Decision. 

The Answer may differ from one individual to another. Yet it is important to know why one is opting for an MBA in the first place. For the same, it is crucial to be aware of all the things that an MBA Experience can offer that may work or not work for you.

If you are someone not from a Business Education Background or Family Background, then an MBA can give you an immense Business Understanding. The fundamentals of Marketing, Sales, Corporate Finance, Supply Chain, Research, etc. The Goal of a B school is to ultimately instill a Business Sense. 

An MBA exposes you to a dynamic life. It teaches you the art and skill of Time Management.  It gives you immense Exposure and Self Confidence. There are consistent Group Assignments, Presentations, Class Participation, Case Studies, Event Organizing, etc. There are a lot of new experiences you cultivate within a short span of 1.5-2 years and this gives you Real World Confidence.

An MBA should be done from a GREAT INSTITUTE Only! Choosing a Mediocre, Tier 2, or Tier 3 College can be a huge mistake that many students commit. A Great B school can offer you a massive Experience and can blow your mind with Good crowds, Quality Faculty, Interaction, Peers, and Infrastructure. Taking a Loan if you are going for a Mediocre B School can not be worth it. You should reconsider doing that.

Opting for an MBA can be a great way to change your Industry or for a Better Opportunity. An MBA is usually a  Recruiter’s choice for Business Roles. If you are into Business Roles like Management, Administration, or anything related to Business Development then an MBA is the thing for you. Such Jobs usually have MBA as mandatory or Required. Well if you are into Technical or Creative Fields like Content Writing, Designing, etc. then you may not opt for an MBA. Such Jobs may have an MBA as Preferred. 

The most crucial advantage that a B School offers is the Network and Alumni. The B School Network of your Batchmates, Other Alumni, Professors, etc. can open doors to Brilliant Opportunities in the future. An MBA Network can help you find your Startup Potential Customers, Investors, Founders, Employees, etc. The Time at a School can be a huge waste if not invested in Networking and developing your Personality. 

However, an MBA is not a necessity if you are thinking of a Startup. An MBA can limit your thinking and make you compliant. An MBA can affix you into following the Framework and Business Models and not challenging the Status Quo. It can get into the way of Big Thinking, Creative Thinking, and Taking Challenges. Ideally, an MBA is for Managers and Administrators not for Startup Founders. 

However, an MBA is not the solution to all your problems. Before heading to a B school, you should be clear with your objective behind doing an MBA. The last thing you want is to Cluelessly enroll in an MBA Program because if you do so then towards the end of the 2 years you will be frustrated and even more confused. 

An MBA is also not an excuse to buy time. You should not use MBA as an excuse as you are not satisfied with your Under graduation, your current Job, or you don’t want to get married early, or simply because you are out of options. You can Underutilize the Potential of an MBA if you don’t know how an MBA can change your Life.

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