Leadership is no more just a term associated with Corporates. It is the key trait that is essential for every individual in any segment or any position. Leadership is not only considered as a skill but an art as it can subtly touch the hearts of people one associates with. A Great Leader wins people and transforms lives.

The Finest quality of a Good Leader is to be a Great Listener. A Leader listens not with an intent of giving Reply, Answering, Solving, or giving an Opinion but with the intent to Understand. Most people stop listening to Answers or sharing their views and just mentally switch off. Don’t be that person. If you want to be listened to and respected, learn to be a great listener first. 

When you genuinely try to Understand people they are naturally drawn towards you. Learn to Step into People’s shoes and understand them better. Reach down to their level to understand them better. Stop putting people in boxes of constructs or fixed definitions. Try to contemplate their emotions, thoughts, and mindset.

A Great Leader is never Good with Excuses. Don’t give excuses or justifications for not fulfilling expectations. Excuses are merely the explanations for not doing the work. Become a Linchpin in whatever you do. Deliver beyond normal expectations. Don’t wait for instructions, become indispensable and figure out what to do next, and do things your way!

A Leader is always a person with a Vision. Focus on the Bigger Picture. Collaborate, Delegate and take everyone together towards the vision. Keep your Team motivated. Different things work for different people. Personalize your approach towards everyone while you build your Network and Ecosystem.

As a leader, one should always be a Constant Learner. In the fast-moving world where change is the only thing constant, the one who keeps learning and stays updated is a Real Leader. Develop Flexibility and learn the Life skill of Change Management. Ask the Right Questions and Stay Ahead. 

On the Endnote, don’t be a People Pleaser, a Good Leader is always Genuine. As the author Jordan B. Peterson mentions in his book “12 Rules of Life”, “Tell the Truth or at least don’t Lie.” Mentor people and show them how they can be better. Provide the opportunities to Learn & Grow.


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