A career is one of the most important aspects for every individual. As an adult in this era, you are bound to invest an average of 45 Years towards your Career. You may be an Entrepreneur, an Employee, a Professional, or an Artist, however, your vocation forms a significant part of your Identity. More than merely an Identity, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a major part of your Self Actualization Needs are fulfilled through your Career Growth. Even with this awareness, a large part of the Workforce is unhappy with their Career. Hence, Career Planning plays a major role here.

If you are a Student the Ideal Career Planning Model can be broken down into a very simple contemplation. Ask yourself 4 Questions

  1. What are you Good at?
  2. What do you Love doing?
  3. What can you be Paid For?
  4. What does the World Need?

According to the Japanese concept of Ikigai, your life purpose boils down to the answer to these 4 Questions and when you choose a Career that correlates with your Purpose, you cultivate the highest sense of Self-actualization. 

Ask yourself, what are the things that you love doing. The things that give you a sense of Joy. This can be unique to you.  Next, you need to list down your core skills. What is it that you are Good at doing? Is there a common ground between what you love doing and what you are actually good at doing? Well, that’s your passion. Once you know your Passion, you know what it is you can be paid for. Figure out the professions that align with your passion. And lastly which out of those professions is actually the one that the World needs most? That should be your Ideal Career. 

A Career should not be selected under Peer or Family Pressure. It should also not be selected according to the current high-paying professions. The world is changing rapidly, if you choose a profession that you are not really good at or something that you are good at but the world no longer needs it, then that can be a huge mistake. An Ideal Career should be the Wise combination of all 4 Things. 

You may take time to figure these things out about yourself. And you may want to start your Career before such an analysis due to financial responsibilities, yet it is never too late to gravitate towards a more fulfilling and enriching Career. 

Ask these questions to yourself and discover a unique Career Option that shall suit you the best. For more support and to Connect with an Expert Career Mentor visit www.collegebol.com

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