”Failure” is a word that every person can associate with. You may have gone through it, your parents have gone through it, your friends have gone through it, leaders, entrepreneurs and even the most successful people in the world have gone through it. Failure actually is never a problem. The problem is the state of mind that Failure puts you in. The way our Indian society reacts to failures is what aggravates this problem. Well, even when Failure puts you in the darkest hour of your life, there is nothing that you can’t do anything about. It’s all how you decide to react and deal with Failure.

The first thing is to Reflect and Accept. Say you failed in some Crucial Exam or you didn’t get through a Job Interview, well there might be a storm of overwhelming Emotions building up in your head. You might feel guilt, anger, dejection, or think of yourself as a loser. Well, you need to sit with your emotions and accept the fact that you failed. You need to take it easy on yourself. It’s Okay to Fail once or multiple times. Once you Accept and create peace with that you will see that the World is an Ocean of Opportunities and Failure is not the end of anything.

Failure is merely a Fear, the fear to face yourself, your embarrassment, and the world. Paramhansa Yogananda has significantly enlightened about Fear & Failure in his book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by saying “Look fear in the face and it will cease to trouble you.” Look at your Failure in the eye, it ceases to exist. 

While you are at it, look at the Bigger Picture. Everything happens for a reason. Later in life, you will realize when you look back and connect the dots that miraculously the dreaded failure you thought has shaped your life beautifully. Nobody in this world is perfect. When you accept Failure and are Okay about it, you will notice people will open up to you about their experiences too. 

Failure, no matter how big, should never stop you from believing in yourself. Have the confidence in yourself and the Universe that you will overcome it. Look at Failure merely as an event in your life that occurred. Think of it as you would at the age of 67. Would it be a big deal then? 

Failure builds your Character. That’s the biggest Gift that only a Failure offers which no Success in the world can offer you. Failure builds  a “New You.” As the Theory of Catabolism and Anabolism says, in order to build something new and something great, you have to destroy and bring to the ground what once was. Failure gives you a New Mindset, a New Vision, and New Energy. 

Remember, the Biggest Asset you have is that “You are Young”. You have a lot of Time and Thousands of Opportunities are waiting for you. The earlier you face failure in your Life the Better. Be optimistic for the Future and walk forth with confidence. 


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