Learning in the present day is not limited to Schools & Colleges. This is the Era of the Internet, the Era of Easy, Resourceful & Accessible Information. From Ideas to Theories, and from Skills to DIYs, everything can be Learned and Mastered right from the comfort of our homes. You may want to learn about Business Skills, Ancient History, Astrophysics, or any other Niche, now you can expand your Intellect without going for any fancy degree just with your Smartphone and an Internet Connectivity. The Internet is flooding with Information and all you need is the “Hunger to Learn.” 

Here we lay down a few of the most Interesting Learning Sources of the current times that can be accessed at your convenience. 


YouTube is the most rapidly Expanding Cluster of Information. A Global Video Platform for Creators,  Musicians, Artists, Speakers, Historians, Fitness Coaches, Experts, Storytellers, or practically everyone around the world who wishes to create or contribute their share of knowledge. It is free for Access and has no limit to its potential. 



An App that has gained a massive engagement over the last 1-2 Years. The most informative feature of Spotify is Podcasts. Speakers & Podcasters across many countries have created immensely enriching content. Listen to the Podcasts and Audio Documentaries from Spotify to gain the intellectual edge.



A Platform where Trainers from Across the World have demonstrated their Knowledge in Online Course Format. You can expect an Extremely Affordable yet High-Quality Knowledge upon enrolling for any Course with Udemy. Udemy also provides a Certification after the completion of all the Modules. The Courses can be accessed at an individual’s respective time & pace.

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An Initiative by Google that enables users to Upskill & get Certified with Courses into categories like Digital Marketing, Career Development, Data, and Tech, etc. There are more than 150 courses from various Universities, Independent Academies, and Google Originals. It is one of the most Trustable, Trending & constantly updating Learning platforms with Free as well as Paid Course Options.


Linkedin Learning is an American Extensive Learning Platform. It provides the Users with 1 Month of Free Trial followed by a Monthly Paid Subscription with access to more than 16,000 Online Courses including different skills, coding languages, software, etc.

Now is the Time to Update your Learning Methods. Of Course, the Old-school Books and Classrooms are never going away, yet the World is all set to be Digitised and Knowledge can be extracted in various forms. Exploit these Tools and Brush up your Skills for the Transforming World.

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