The World post-pandemic is changing its course towards a virtual plane. The dynamics of Education, Work, Meetings & even Interviews have now changed Globally. Besides having a lot of advantages of Virtual Communication, there are a lot of challenges that are unfamiliar, uncatered, and perplexing.

Earlier, an interview was majorly about portraying the right Confidence with appropriate Body Language. As the Format of Interview has shifted to Online, a set of New evaluating parameters have replaced the old-school guidelines.

Though the Interview Fundamentals like good confidence, presentability, and research-backed information are equally applicable, here are a few tips specific to Video Interviews:

1. System Acquaintance

As you get the update about the Interview, check the Video-conferencing Application mentioned as the Platform. Though most of the features are the same, may it be a Zoom Call, a Google Call, or any other, yet it is advised to install the Application on your Device prior. Play around with the application and get friendly with the tools & features. Check the options for Muting, Background Setting, Screen Sharing, etc. 

2. Tech Check

Right before the Call, it is suggested to check your Device for Battery, Audio, and Video. Keep your device fully charged. Take a dry run and see if your Video is Clear and the Audio is on Point. It is also recommended that you keep a spare device in your vicinity in case of any end-moment technical glitch. 

3. Formal Background

Most of us attend the Video Interviews from the comfort of our homes. In this scenario, it gets challenging to create a professional vibe with our casual comfy background. You can try downloading Backgrounds from Pinterest, or maybe customize your unique Background from Canva. If nothing works, consider blurring your background.

4. Profile Image

While the Interview might not have started and you have still not turned on your Camera, you are already being evaluated. Yes, the image that you have on your Email says a lot about you. Make sure you don’t ignore that. Put on some formal image or words portraying your personality. 

5. Internet Connectivity

A stable Internet Connection is an obvious point yet cannot be understated. You don’t wanna ruin your Interview because of the basic problem of the Internet. Always keep a backup of Mobile Hotspot in case if you feel you are losing Internet, you can immediately switch. 

6. Minimal Distraction

Household distractions can create a major impact on your Video Interview performance and can also induce a lot of background disturbance. Of Course, there ain’t any escape yet you can inform your family well in advance about your big day and they can consciously keep you unbothered for a few minutes. 

7. Maintain Attention

According to research, the attention span on-screen is one-fourth less than in real life. Thus it becomes crucial that you build and maintain the attention of your interviewer. A great way to do it is to look into the Camera and create eye contact. Also, make sure you keep a few books or support below your Device to lift it right up to your face so that you don’t have to lean down and the interviewer can focus right on you.


Don’t be shocked if your Interviewer Switches Off his Video while you are answering as you are still being heard & observed. Your entire Body-language in a Video Interview is your Voice Tonation & your Facial Expressions. Make it your Strength. Practice consciously by recording yourself speaking and observing your expressions and your audio closely. Make sure you take proper gapes while speaking, let your speech flow slowly with a precise combination of facial expressions. 


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The shift in the nature format of Interviews needs adaptability and is a major aspect of the Virtualized World. Video Interviews are here to stay in this era of the Digital Revolution. Keep Upgrading and Ace your Interview with these Tips!
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