Soft skills are the features of an Individual’s Personality that enable higher work efficiency. Soft Skills comprise the combination of an individual’s behavioral traits like productivity, ethics, punctuality, adaptability, etc., and interpersonal abilities like Team Work, Empathy, Communication, Persuasion, etc.

The current job market is an extremely competitive market aiming to acquire the most qualified, intellectual & skilled personnel. Surviving and excelling in this scenario is only possible by acquiring the best of abilities & enhancing your employability.

Soft Skills are taught neither in schools nor in Colleges. Yet, they set an image so strong that it can impact your Career Growth up to more than 90%.

Here we elaborate on the major Soft Skills and how to acquire them so that you can stand apart from the Crowd! 



Communication is more than the art of Speaking. It’s the way you present your Thoughts, Ideas, Opinions, or exchange information in any formal or informal situation through any medium. 

What should you Focus on? 

While communicating, it is important to keep in consideration the Thought & Clarity of the message to be conveyed. The use of the right words with a good command of language can create an impression. Make sure you observe the tone and body language while communicating as it can change the meaning behind the words. Work on your Listening Skills as it directs affects the quality of communication.




Leadership is the ability to influence & guide people towards achieving a similar objective. Leadership involves formulating goals & strategies, motivating & training the team, delegating the task, supervising, and guiding the team towards results. 

What should you Focus on?

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As Robin Sharma says “To be a Great Leader, First Become a Great Person,” Leadership starts with Self Mastery. Have a Positive Outlook towards People and Situations. Develop Risk-Taking ability & Problem-solving skills. A Good Leader is an excellent Motivator & delivers Constructive Criticism effectively. Moreover, a Leader needs to be Influential & Persuasive. 



Time Management is the most important aspect in accomplishing organizational objectives. It refers to the ability to get work done within a specific Time Frame. Time Management is not just a Skill but a Virtue to be instilled in Life.

What should you Focus on?


Time Management starts with Listing & Planning the Daily Tasks. It is important to prioritize the most important & urgent work first & the rest can be delegated & planned accordingly. The Time Management Matrix by Steven Covey perfectly explains effective Time Management. Moreover, one must respect Deadlines and act accordingly. Learn to say “NO” when needed and be realistic with your working capacity. 



Creative Thinking is the ability to think innovatively, generate creative ideas & solve complex problems with out-of-the-box solutions. Creative Thinking can do wonders when Rational Thinking fails to solve the problem. 

What should you Focus on?

Creative Thinking abilities can be enhanced by Effective Research, Networking, and consuming varied Information & Content. Mind Mapping is a powerful way of brainstorming & channelizing ideas. Be open to taking Risks & Experimenting. Also, learn or create something new every day to activate lateral thinking. Meditation has also proved to enhance creativity.


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Emotional Intelligence or the Emotional Quotient is the ability to comprehend & manage one’s emotions. An Emotionally Intelligent individual can handle his emotions positively, can resolve conflicts, overcome stress, and can empathize with others better.

What should you Focus on?

The First Step towards Emotional Intelligence is being aware of your own emotions. Develop Compassion, Empathy & Social Skills in your behavior. Don’t be judgmental towards people or situations. Stop reacting to everything, absorb & take time only to respond.


Acquire these skills and get your Competitive edge over others! In a world where employers struggle to find employable personnel, you can create your Brand by exploiting these Skills to your best potential.

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