The World is constantly overflowing with Opportunities. We as Humans are surrounded by opportunities from all directions. Hence, when it comes to choosing a Career Niche, most of us feel a chaotic mess around the process.


With plenty of Choices & Opportunities around the corner, the question comes “Why do we Want what we Want?” This is the Question that defines a Career that is a result not of an Absolute Chance, but of an Informed Choice.


Well, due to the strong imprints of our Childhood Fears & Insecurities, young minds often face internal conflicts like, “This really interests me but am I good enough?”, “What if I fail?”, “Is it what I really want?”, etc. These questions are the starting point of rational thinking and should not be pushed away however they should be processed for clarity. 


Why are Career Choices Crucial?


According to Gallup, 87% of Employees Worldwide are not Engaged at Work. This Negative Engagement can be due to various reasons like Lack of Motivation, Unproductivity Issues, etc. However, this situation can be improved by taking Informed Career Decisions. Imagine being employed working 8 hours, 6 days & 52 weeks for a time span of 40 years of your life, and not being passionately involved in what you are doing; seems a great way to lead a mediocre life. When people choose their vocation rationally and not just out of chance, they tend to be actively engaged at their Workplace and hence in their Life.


What is an Informed Career Decision?


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An Informed Career Decision is one that is a thoughtful combination made around your Interests, Aptitude & your Personality. As indicated by Ms. Ashley Stahl, you may consider asking yourself a few questions like, “What am I good at?” or “What do people tell me I am Good at?.” If you know that something is unique to you and still feel stuck, consider asking yourself, “What is it that holds me back?” 

These questions will induce self-awareness which is the key element of taking Informed Career Decision.


How can Modern Day Counselling and Assessment Tools help? 


Technically there are No Wrong Career Decisions, but only Unaware Career Decisions. The Choices made due to lack of Self-awareness, Peer Pressure, Transitory Passion, Chase of Money/Fame, etc. can lead you to a situation of Mid-Life Career Crises or even worse can make you feel Lost or Delusional. Choosing a Career means investing your Time, Money & Energy behind a pursuit. 

Ironically, we have to make Career Decisions often so early in Life where we are still in progress for Self-discovery and developing Rational Thinking. In this scenario, a Professional Counsellor or a Career Coach serves as a director that guides you not only through various Choices but helps you evaluate your own self. A series of Assessment Tests have been developed after years of Research on Human Psychology, Success Psychology & Analysis. A Counsellor takes you through these Tests to analyze your Aptitude, your Passionate Interests, Personality Type and can lead you through a personalized Vocation Path filtered specifically for you. 


Collegebol being a Student Centric & Education Oriented Platform strongly believes in the significance of Counselling & Mentoring Programs. The Efficient Team of Mentors & Counselors at Collegebol includes Experienced Educators & Professional Experts from the Industry who have helped thousands of young minds to actualize their Career path with Rational Thinking & Aware Decision Making,


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