SAL  Education, an institute founded in the Year 2009 with a vision of Nurturing & Developing the current generation of knowledge seekers. It believes in Instilling & Augmenting the elements of Universal Standards, Advanced Skill-set, and Indian Values amongst Students.

Being committed towards an Overall Enhancement of Students, the Institute caters to a training comprising a blend of Practical & Contemporary approaches leading to an Improved Critical, Logical & Analytical thinking pattern. 

Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, it’s a prominent name amongst the Top Education Institutes across the country. SAL Education is transforming Individuals to become the Leaders, Professionals & Catalysts of Rising India. 


What’s So Unique?


Standardized Recognition

SAL Education is Recognized & Diamond Rated by the QS I-GAUGE observing International Standards.  This ensures quality education, facilities & services that align with Global Guidelines.


Institutes & Courses – Multidisciplinary Programs

SAL Education is an Integrated Campus advancing Excellence in Multiple Disciplines, Programs & Specializations. Be it Diploma, Under Graduation, or Post Graduation, there are options in each Institute.


  • SAL Institute of Technology & Engineering Research 

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in 9 Specializations

Master of Engineering (M.E.) in 4 Major Specializations

  • SAL Institute of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm)

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D)

  • SAL Institute of Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 3 Major Specializations

  • SAL College of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in 6  Specializations

Master of Engineering (M.E.) 

  • SAL Engineering & Technical Institute

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in 4  Specializations

  • SAL School of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch)

Master of Architecture – Interior Architecture (M. Arch)

  • SAL Institute of Diploma Studies
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Diploma in Engineering in 2 Specializations


Campus Location – Spread amidst the Nature


An insightful learning experience is better cherished amidst the calmness of nature. This thought has been accurately encapsulated in the SAL Education Campus. 

sal 2

The Serene Environment, Green Lawns & Peaceful Surrounding imbibes a deeper connection with Nature & hence boosts the Creativity & Productivity of the young minds.


An Evolved & Modernized Approach


SAL Education follows a Practical & Contemporary Approach towards Learning. The Institute uses a Set of Advanced & Progressive Tools that furnish knowledge & skills for the current fast-paced world. Such an Education acquaints the millennials to correlate with the Corporate Sphere.


Faculties & Educators


SAL Education has an enriched pool of 300+ Faculties & Educators hailing from diverse backgrounds. The Faculties are constantly encouraged for Research Programs. The Institute also empowers them in International Development Programs. 


Infrastructural Amenities – The State of Art Infrastructure


SAL Campus has an Exclusive & Finest Infrastructure designed as per the Latest Trends in the present day Education Sector. The Campus is equipped with:


  • Ventilated & Air Conditioned Classrooms for a Pleasant Learning Environment.
  • Dedicated Architecture Studio Room with customized Interiors to Suit the Project Work.
  • A Diversified Knowledge Centre with Voluminous Collection of Books & other Learning Resources specific for each Institute.sal 3
  • Computer Laboratory with Internet, Facilitating a Smooth E-Learning Experience.
  • Language Centre to Assist Students with English Communication Training.
  • On-Campus Gym to ensure Physical Fitness & Comprehensive Development.
  • Relaxing Cafeteria to Destress & Rejuvenate along with Studies.
  • Counselling Centre for a balanced Mental Health facilitating Professional Help for Students dealing with Stress or Anxiety issues.
  •  Spacious Learning Areas like Conference Rooms, Seminar Rooms, Auditoriums designed to enable a Vibrant Campus Experience.



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Centers – For Exceptional Development


Knowledge is the essence of every Institute but SAL Education goes beyond the Concept of Basic Knowledge. It dives deep into Research & strives for Excellence curating a Better Experience for its Students & Teachers. The Specialized Centers depict their story.


  • SAL Incubation & Research Centre that inhibits a Creative Culture driving Ideas & Innovation by nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit at the Campus.
  • SAL Higher Education & Professional Centre that counsels & guides the Students for Higher Education, Career Options, International Applications & a lot more.
  • SAL Centre for International Relations facilitating the Opportunities of International Student Exchange, Faculty Exchange, Internship Programs, and Research Programs.
  • SAL Training & Refinement Centre for improving the Knowledge & Exposure Areas of the Trainers & Faculties.


SAL Career & Placement – Preferred Recruitment Choice of Reputed Business Houses


The Placement Cell at SAL Education ensures a 100% placement for all Job-Seeking Students at the Campus. 

The Students at SAL Education get Practical Corporate Exposure through Summer Internships. Moreover, they are also given Quality Training through Workshops,  Pre-Placement Counselling, Motivating Seminars, Mock Interviews & Group Discussions. 

Regular Educational Tours & Industry Visits are a part of their Course Curriculum ensuring a better comprehension of the Corporate World. 

Some of the Top Business Giants viz. HDFC Bank, Nestle, Reliance Jio, Wipro, Byju’s, etc. prefer recruiting the Students from Campus Interviews.


Events & Co-Curricular


SAL Education believes & stands by the idea that “Learning is much Beyond Academics.” 

With a wide-spread ground for Sports & Outdoors, a lot of Sports are enjoyed by the Students on Campus. 

Techfest Celebration boosting the spirit of Science & Technological Innovations is an Event cherished for 2 days through Competitions, Workshops, Exhibitions & Lectures.

Navratri- Garba Fest amalgamates the rhythm & zeal of more than 8000 Students playing Garba & celebrating for 2 Nights at the Campus.

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sal 4

Panache – Cultural Fest celebrates the Talent of Students, glorified by Celebrity performances like Neha Kakkar, Anushka Manchanda, and a lot more.


The EndNote


SAL Education is an Evolved & Progressive Institute attaining the requirements of the 21st Century Youth for their Comprehensive & Sustainable Development. With such an Assorted Blend of Excellence in each & every Discipline of Growth, students get Immense Exposure & Opportunity to Diversify, Expand & Develop their Personalities in all the Spheres of life. 

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