Do you sense a feeling unaccomplished at the end of the day seeing the pending tasks? Relax, you are not alone! Despite being busy for the majority of the time, most of us feel the same. We live in times of constant competition, a never-ending race to achieve something. Well, being busy doesn’t necessarily suggest being productive. Like every other Resource, we have a definite and fixed amount of Time & Energy in a Day. How we decide to utilize the Limited-Time & Energy sets a base of our productivity.

We see people who make the most out of their day exploiting every second efficiently. Well, it’s not that difficult as it looks. You can smoothly go through the Day being Productive & mindfully finishing the tasks on hand. Here are a few simple & do-able Tips that can boost your Productivity by 10 folds.

Set Realistic Goals: 

We often get inspired & set some unrealistic expectations from ourselves. This leads to framing exceptionally high goals. And when it comes to execution, despite being motivated, we fail to achieve those goals leading to reduced self-esteem. Well, rather than being under the pressure of impractical goals, try to start small. Set some basic, smaller & realistic goals and then gradually raise the bar. Such achievable goals make you feel accomplished leading to consistent & higher productivity.

Start Your Day With a Precise to-do List:



Making each day count is the key to a productive life. Start your day with a vision, a plan, make a to-do list and note down your priorities and tasks of the day. If possible, try to enlist them the night prior. By doing this you don’t have to waste time thinking about what to do next. It enables you to glide through the day with focus, finishing tasks one after the other. Whenever you find yourself stuck with a task, you can easily shift to another while ensuring you get the listed things done on time.

Stop Procrastination & Set Self Imposed Deadlines:

According to the author William H. McRaven, a man should make his bed first thing in the morning. This enables him to start the day with a sense of accomplishment by finishing a task. This can lead you throughout the day finishing one task after the other. Procrastination can become a deadly addiction. The thing that you avoid the most becomes your biggest problem. So do that first. The task which you are most unwilling to put your hand on, finish that first from your to-do list and you shall find ease with the rest of them as well.

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Don’t be too loose with yourself, set some deadlines for yourself, and respect them. That’s how you show respect towards yourself and empower yourself better.

Avoid Distractions & Multitasking:



It’s a world of Distractions. Most of us are so fluent in being distracted that we don’t even realize we are distracted. May it be with email notifications, messages, calls, social media, it is good to keep a set time for everything. With, Multitasking becoming the trend, we surely get our focus distributed amongst a lot of things. Studies show that Multitasking is reduces Productivity by 40%. This leads to a wavering focus, mental stress & energy draining. Focus on one thing at a Time that can ensure a sense of fulfillment and enhance your productivity.

Be Easy With Yourself and Take Breaks:

Stop beating yourself with work. Relax for a while, sit back and reflect. Take frequent short breaks to clear your mind and come back with a better focus. While working hard & constantly it is even more important that you take care of yourself. Rejuvenate yourself with Light Stretches, Long Walks, Healthy Food, Sufficient Sleep, etc. A relaxed mind can work with better efficiency. You are not going to achieve everything in a day, so be at ease & take it slow.

Remember, as Tony Robbins says, “Energy goes where the attention flows”, ultimately it’s all about how well you can acknowledge your attention. These were a few tips that, if incorporated well, you can do wonders with your productivity.

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