The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even printing. The internet has changed the way we communicate with each other, the way we learn about the world, and the way we conduct business.

But do you know the inventor of this revolutionary Internet?

Well, Robert E Kahn and Vint Cerf are said to be the inventor of the internet. Where the Internet is an open platform to gain knowledge, it’s made our life so much easier and faster. Everything is just a click away when we have access to the Internet right from searching for hotels, flights, bookings, ordering food, online shopping, distance learning, studying short courses, branding, and much more. In the present day, education systems remain incomplete without the extensive involvement of the internet. We all know how the internet influences the students of the 21st century. Let’s understand the benefits below:

  • Communication & Connectivity – Communication and connectivity are the most essential and pivotal parts to survive in today’s era. And the Internet has helped us achieve this big time. Through Email, Slack, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites, students can establish connections with the teacher, supervisor, advisor, and friends from different corners of the world. Attending webinars happening across the world has improved and built major connections across various organizations and institutions. Your talent can also be showcased in the best possible way on all social media platforms either in form of graphics, or reels or IGTV, or YouTube videos.
  • Enhancing Vocabulary & Knowledge – When it comes to academics or any profession which involves communicating verbally or writing, here learning videos, games, or courses can help improve the language and enhance the student’s vocabulary. It does amp up your professional career by having a good hold over the language.
  • Online Learning & Distance coaching – The words online classes and distance learning no more sound like an alien, isn’t it? Covid has changed the scenario globally. Online learning and distance education has helped many students thrive and achieve their goals by sitting in a remote area. Digital Libraries have solved the book lovers’ problem by giving free access to all the books online.
  • Career counseling- As making the right decision for the career is crucial for any student, the Internet has made this task easier as well. A platform like Collegebol provides online career counseling from top-notch mentors and counselors from different industries. We help you make informed decisions based on your interests and capabilities.
  • Internship & Job opportunities
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Work from Home has captured the entire world. Where going to a workplace is not feasible or is not needed, students can easily get internships or any job opportunity staying at home. Critical thinking and leadership qualities can be easily built through this process.

  • Cloud Computing and Cloud storage – The Internet connects the computers and internet-enabled devices to cloud computing and cloud storage. It helps you to access your data anywhere and back up information in an easier and faster way

In Conclusion, the internet can be used in multiple ways with the surety to find anything that you need right from creative inspiration to mental support from different communities.


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