Can you get a job outside of your degree? Absolutely yes! What do you do if you don’t like your degree? Should I take a job, not in my field? Are all of these questions hovering in your mind as you have completed your graduation?

Students leave the college with a degree in their hands with so much enthusiasm and hope. But when they actually step into the real world and try to find a job in earnest and fail to get the appropriate job in that career, everything falls apart.

Knowing the fact that ample money and time is invested into getting a degree, it’s understandable that students feel stressed and pressured to get a job related to the degree and depressed if they do not get one.

Here are some actionable steps to getting a job not related to your degree:


  • Build your network

Get as much social as possible. Keep an open mind, be flexible, and be keen on networking. Meet people you know to find the best employment opportunities. Where online professional platforms are booming these days, LinkedIn is the best place to network and build connections with recruiters at the companies you want to work for. Attend online events at various platforms as well.


  • Delve into Opportunities

Do not let your one-degree pigeonhole you. Be flexible and smart enough to try cross-boundary degrees. Be open to exploring working in various other fields where you possess certain knowledge or you could give a fresh start to your career.


  • Take Internship
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Statistics say “ 60% of those with an internship will receive at least one job offer”. There are a plethora of options available for internships. Many companies look for students with strong skill sets, fast learners, and less experience.

As an intern, you can also get to work on a wide variety of projects and assignments. For example, an internship in writing may not give you that much exposure as you had thought of, but working on the strategizing part can lead you to become a digital marketer.


  • Start a side hustle

Following your passion or dreams is an essential thing to keep yourself happy. If you have come across a particular area that interests you, there is no harm in stepping into it. Don’t be afraid to start the side hustle by joining hands with your friends or finding a new co-founder who is trustworthy and accountable.


  • Volunteer

Sometimes simply volunteering can also reap great benefits. Find organizations where you can build your hard skills and soft skills. Working with non-profit organizations can make you empathetic and understanding which is the most preferred hospitality skill in any industry


  • Master in selling yourself

Statistics say “ recruiters only spend an average of 7.4 seconds loo at aking resume”.Craft numerous specialized versions of your resume. Learnings from past experiences might possibly be your ticket. Make every possible experience an asset.


Spend good time on yourself to analyze and understand your interests and skillsets. Take the chance to step out of your comfort zones as you never know you could become the master of all!

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