The majority of our life is spent achieving our career goals. And thereby it’s a must to plan a career. Objectives that seem impossible to achieve, developing a career plan can make it manageable. Career planning helps to assess skills, identify the strengths and weaknesses which can help in getting into the right professional job

. Getting a job might be easy when you plan your career the right way, but on the flip side,  not seeing growth is a disadvantage of not planning it right. You need to build the right strategy with a multi-stage process.

Importance of career planning


  • Builds a roadmap to your future


In order to grow in life, you need to think big. You need to see a greater vision and alternatives of getting from Point A to Point B.Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, believes that finding meaning in your career is about focusing on creating something that’s better for others, not just for yourself. So why not, start looking beyond what’s good only for you and connecting with more global energy? You’ll see how your work can impact others and make the world a better place. Well, the above statement doesn’t mean that you need to work for a charity.

Attend more network events to build good future connections. You should even try different companies and industries to gain broader knowledge but not jumping often.


  • Gives space for personal reflection


This is the most essential thing in life. Reflecting back on yourself. Every businessman or big brain often takes a few days out from their busy schedule. You should reflect back on your strengths, weaknesses, values, and how you could improve further. What difference have you made in people’s lives each day or how you could make people around you happy and make some difference in the world. You should identify ways to grow 


  • Exploration and experimentation
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Once you reflect on your needs and likings, you can narrow down the list of careers that might interest you. Start taking interviews in different companies. Or start building ideas on how you could start your own business with some innovative idea. Moreover, consider an internship for direct field experience. 


  • Decision-making and career selection


Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of all the options you have considered, many factors will have to be put in places like the salary, location, work-life balance, growth opportunities, values, structure, the scope of work involved, and much more.

However, talk to your mentor and go over your previous research and experiences carefully and organize them from highest to lowest. Write down everything in your diary and think if it’s a progressive option.

The Bottom line is,

You need to be adaptable. Make it a habit to set your goals at regular intervals. Take a few online tests or get some counseling sessions for your career from education experts. Collegebol has the right program for you for mentorship. Doing it at regular intervals will help you know if you are at the right place doing the right thing.

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