Are you stuck in your career? Or feeling clueless post completing your 12th?

Prioritizing time to think about your career is the first step to get ahead. While thousands of students pass high school every year, choosing the right course becomes a daunting task. A test cannot decide the future – neither your board exam nor any character-building tests taken by counselors. 

Do not depend on any kind of test to figure out your future. 

Have you faced times when you couldn’t convey your feelings to anybody but a friend ???

Well, your peer can understand you the best. You can share anything and everything with someone your age. With the changing dynamics and evolving careers, the new ‘gig economy has created new student opportunities. But in most cases, parents and students do not have access to timely and credible information about available career choices.

Why not talk to a Peer for career guidance who has been through it and done it all?? 

Young experienced students understand the education system better than anybody else. And that’s why to help students and parents make informed decisions, Collegebol has come up with the Counseling section.

Collegebol Counseling helps the students to gain specialized knowledge about the available career options. It helps the student to identify their strengths, needs, chances, and interests. Collegebol aims to empower students to reach their goals through personal and academic progress. The students can open up to the counselee in a safe space where their questions and concerns will be given priority and attention.

Inspiring stories, time management tips, practical strategies, inspiring examples, insights, and words of encouragement from experienced counselors guide aspiring students to make up their minds about their particular forte.

At Collegebol, we offer various types of counselors in the form of Peer, Pro peer, Counselor, Expert, and Mentor. When the experts give counseling, we handle the network, discoverability, payment, tooling, and knowledge transfers. The Peer to Peer Counseling program of Collegebol aims to bridge the gap between generations and empower students to reach there through personal and academic progress.


Trusted Peer Facilitators  – Get a trusted expert who will help you in nurturing your professional growth

Online Counseling – You don’t need to travel. Get online counseling from our multitude of a pool of peers, pro peers, and experts

Expert Advice– The counselors are chosen after a screening process. So they are the right people to help you make the right decisions by sharing their real-time experiences

Connect & Grow – Now you’ve found your expert. Ask questions. Share. Listen. You may find that the advice will take you further than you ever imagined.

Everyone wants to realize their dream careers, live a life filled with purpose, and enjoy what they do, and Counseling at collegbol as a support platform is second to none in helping students through this journey.

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