Taking an expert mentor’s opinion at every stage of life is an essential part to grow. Somebody to set your goals, fix your problems, and make good choices for your career is always needed and that is the task of a Mentor. And that is why at Collegebol we have come up with the Counseling program. 

We invite all the potential Counselors and Mentors to join the network and bring a change in the lives of the students.

The Collegebol Counselor/ Mentor program is designed to transform and empower the lives of millions of youth. Let the students explore their career journey by your side. This program is specifically designed for anyone, whether you are a student of a college, or alumni or a working professional, or a Golden-ager, you can share your real-time experiences and tailored solutions for their career after extensive training from Collegebol. Just Click on Enrol as a mentor in this link https://www.collegebol.com/reviews/mentors, put in your application by answering the questions, work the hours you want while inspiring the students, and earn with each mentoring session.

To become a mentor at Collegebol, you could choose to be in the category of a Peer, Pro Peer, Counselor, Mentor, or an expert. What differentiates all from each other are the levels they are in and the categories they would serve while being at Collegebol.

Well, with many platforms offering to become a mentor, you must be wondering why you must become a mentor with Collegebol and take mentoring sessions or what are the benefits of being associated with Collegebol

    • Offer clarity & shape their lives – Know their state of mind and queries and offer them an overview of various careers and entry routes
    • Help Resolve conflicts – Share your journey or some live case studies or talk to their parents if needed to resolve their doubts and conflicts
    • Help them build self-esteem & confidence – Reduce their anxiety and build confidence in them to take up the career they wish without any further doubts
    • Ease their academic stress & adjustment issues – Engage them in individual therapy or group discussions
    • Evolving yourself personally & professionally – Earn more with each counseling session & utilize your counseling skills in inspiring them
    • Recognition, Perks, and Certificate of Appreciation – After guiding the Professionals and Graduates, accept the token of appreciation


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 We arrange one-on-one mentoring sessions online where your space or privacy is valued. With over 50+ partner educators and 300+ community counselors, we have covered 250+ sessions to date. Head over to our page to read our reviews and ratings and make sure you apply to become a Mentor to guide our pool of talented students

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