What according to you is Leadership?

According to John Maxwell, ‘Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.’

According to John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.

Well, becoming a good leader is not everyone’s piece of cake. With various definitions on Google about Leadership, what we believe is that a good leader is one who helps in setting clear goals and lets people find their own paths, thus empowering people to act on their expertise. You can always encourage your team members to come up with unique ideas and ask them to implement them.

Not every person is a born leader and the best part is that leadership qualities can be learned:

  • Integrity

People want to work in an organization where they know that if their leader acts with integrity and is ethical, that leader will treat them right and do what’s best for the business. Furthermore, being honest is also an important leadership quality. When leaders show honesty with employees, the trust is reciprocated and the organization starts operating with integrity.

  • Vision

Set a practical vision and targets for your company. Consider goals that are SMART.  A good leader should express and persuade a vision of abundance with an upbeat future, successful outcomes, and a legacy that people care about. Hence, they should also believe in this vision before implementing the decisions.

  • Critical Thinking abilities

Thinking 5 steps ahead or anticipating threat or change before even the disaster or pandemic strikes, is a key element to be a good leader. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the team and the company to take it in the right direction

  • Self-awareness & personal development
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Effective leaders are those who focus on developing their emotional intelligence. Such leaders are more adaptive, resilient, and accept feedback from others quite easily. They are good and patient listeners. Accept that things can and will go wrong. This anticipation will help you respond in a thoughtful and realistic way, making situations easier.

  • Team growth opportunities

Key elements of good leadership include delegating, coaching, and mentoring. Recruiting a diversified team will give the members leverage to learn new tools, trust each other and explore more with the existing structure. Show empathy and strength as a good leader

  • Cross-cultural communication or Networking

Firstly, to be able to clearly communicate and understand different perspectives of people around and in business, it’s pivotal to network. Secondly, while you communicate, embrace enthusiasm, confidence, inspiration, and excitement. Thirdly, optimistic leaders show that they believe their organization is working toward a better future. They should be able to communicate clearly and with authority.

  • Responsibility & Accountability

Self-reflection is integral for effective leadership. At regular intervals, you need to keep diagnosing what your weaknesses and challenges are before someone else tells you. Then you’re in an amazing position.

  • Adaptability & Flexibility

Being a good leader means being adaptable and nimble when the situation calls for it.In life, you will encounter minor roadblocks or large obstacles. There are less chances of things going according to the plan You will need to be prepared to stop, reassess, and determine a new course of action. For Instance, Covid is the best example.



Putting it all together!

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All good leaders have most of the above traits or they learn them with time. It comes with experience, risk takings, adaptation and constant study

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