Research! We hear this term day in and day out. How many of you are curious souls? How many of you have the hunger to know things in depth and dwell into research for everything that you come across or before you purchase something?

Engaging in research is important as it fills your knowledge-building portal. Even if you are an expert or you hold certain expertise, there is always a lot to uncover through research. The whole purpose of research is to enable constant efficient learning in all spheres of life. So let’s learn how you can enhance your research skills


  • Be curious

Being curious or having an enquiring mind is an essential skill in today’s fast-changing world. You have to be on the lookout for new information, ideas, thoughts, and perspectives through the internet. By being curious, you go beyond the subject to find the relevance and the root cause for the same.


  • Right Keywords

Type in the right keywords you are researching. Either type the single keyword or type the sentence to get the relevant information. Google algorithm is pretty effective and smart with the search terms. After getting the relevant search results and exploring them, always scroll down o the end of the google page to find the suggestions of various other web pages which is picked from your search algorithm.


  • Use relevant tools

You will find ample tools for enhancing your search on the internet. One such is Semrush. These tools are super effective and they give you the right set of keywords and land you on the right websites giving the right kind of information at the right time.


  • Bookmark it!
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Gone are those days when you need to note down a website on a piece of paper. With the world advancing in technology, Google has made our life pretty much easy. Bookmark each website that you find useful. Organize it and take the time to manage it well. Create as many subfolders as possible and tag them with an appropriate name.


  • Read, read and Read

Practice reading various books and magazines. There are tons of online libraries and free downloads of Book PDFs. Try building different analogy’s regarding the subject and map it out to analyze the subject better.


  • Discuss the research work

While reading and gathering information from the Internet, always make it a habit to talk to people about it. The success of your research depends on how well you communicate to the audience and how well they perceive it and receive it. Firstly, ask for their opinion, have a meaningful conversation, and get feedback. Secondly, get some crowd-sourced opinions and answers or enquire directly with the experts in that field.


In conclusion, If you want to enhance your research skills, sit down with a fresh mindset and be curious about topics you come across or hear on a daily basis.

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