With the increase in smart devices and connectivity, the world is growing really faster and smarter. And to cope up with the advancing technology and the generations, we need to train our brain for the better. Our brain is literally involved in every small activity we perform on a daily basis just like our body. And it needs to be taken care of.

As we age, we tend to forget things or in other words, we experience a cognitive decline like losing track of time, forgetting people’s names, forgetting certain incidents over time, etc. But to some, this comes naturally and they have the natural ability to grasp complex things very quickly.  But this doesn’t mean that you cannot train our brain to work efficiently and effectively. You can always do so at any given age. It is rightly said in modern science that the brain is not static. It changes every day and you can take it in the direction you want to.

According to research, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  The people we surround ourselves with can have a huge impact on the way we think, and on our opinions, and our behaviors. Practicing certain lifestyle habits may help improve your overall intelligence, which includes two types:

Crystallized intelligence: This refers to your vocabulary, knowledge, and skills. Crystallized intelligence typically increases as you get older.

Fluid intelligence: Also known as fluid reasoning, fluid intelligence is your ability to reason and think abstractly.


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  • Physical and Mental Games


Consume fewer media and try playing board games or games on paper. Challenge your brain to focus on the game. Research has also proved that physical activities on a regular basis improve cognitive functions like memory recall, problem-solving, concentration, and attention to detail. But always be careful of your breathing rhythms. Walk-in green locations.


  • Work your memory


When you meet someone, greet them by including their name in the greeting. For instance, Nice to meet you, Evan! , instead of just saying Nice to meet you. Take the person’s name at least twice in your conversation. This way by making your brain work, you are creating a sharp memory. Memory activities that engage all levels of brain operation—receiving, remembering, and thinking—help to improve the function of the brain.


  • Eat healthy foods


Food is the fuel for the body. Eat food that enhances your brain. Balance your diet with healthy foods. In the Indian subcontinent, there are people who eat only vegetarian food. Vegetarians can eat blueberries, nuts, tomatoes, leafy greens, grapes, pomegranates, whole grains, etc. As a non-vegetarian, you must try a Mediterranean diet such as red meat, dairy, fish, etc.


  • Sleep well or take rest at regular intervals


Sleep is essential to consolidate memory and learning. When you sleep, your brain consolidates memories you created throughout the day. It also enhances your brain’s ability to learn new information when you wake up.


  • Do something different regularly


Always try finding new pathways to do a task more efficiently. Be it a small task or a big task, by doing a task that you wouldn’t normally do, but is in the direction of getting that task done, you will start creating those new precious neural pathways. Also, try learning a new skill every 15 days. This will challenge and train our brain and help our brain to think differently.


To sum up!

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Now that you know how to train our brain effectively, be curious, active, and careful to train our brain in the right direction. By doing these activities, you will not see the results overnight, but you will definitely see the results. Get smarter than ever by doing the above actions each day.

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