Learning Foreign Languages is always fun, isn’t it? How many of you learn something new in your spare time?

Living in a multilingual country, connections have become more pivotal than ever before. Where globalization is taking a lead, knowing a second language for communication is extremely important. Indeed, it can be cultivated rapidly by interacting with people from different countries. It opens the door for career opportunities and lets you explore the world differently. Furthermore, by learning certain foreign languages, you can truly become an integral asset for corporates and businesses to translate while closing deals.

With 6,500 languages spoken in the entire world, let’s dive into the best 5 Foreign Languages that you can pick keeping in mind your travel goals, career aspirations, and education;


French ranks first in the foreign languages that are in demand. It is such a popular language that most schools and universities have included it in their curriculum for many years.

Bonjour! This is the most used word to greet somebody. Learning French can open many career opportunities at renowned French universities. Students having a good hold and knowledge of the French language can get special access to government grants to enrol in postgraduate courses. For those pursuing a career in diplomacy, international relations, or working on projects in Africa, being fluent in French is a must. Many multinational companies in fashion, banking finance, education, travelling, retailing, automotive etc use French as their working language.


The third most popular language that is taught worldwide in German. It is the second most popular in Europe and Japan, after English. As it was the early official language of the United States, learning German can open multiple doors to the Western world’s most important works of art and medicine.

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We are sure you would have come across the word “Hola”! Which means Hello.

Spanish is the third most foreign language in demand as of 2021. It is spoken in 21 countries. Spanish can become a valuable asset while you are seeking job opportunities in BPO, Interpretation, travel, language teaching, etc. Moreover, in the USA, it is the second most spoken language.

For instance, Germany is Europe’s largest economy, fourth-largest by nominal GDP globally, the world’s second-largest exporter, thus making it a crucial language to learn.

Therefore, the German language is full of lucrative salaries and immense job opportunities.


The Japanese language is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn and it is also the third most spoken foreign language in the world. People tend to learn this language first and then move on to Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, or Thai. It gives you great exposure to understanding the cultures in East Asia. Japanese language jobs are the highest paid language in India and abroad.

Mandarin Chinese
How overwhelmed were you when Mark Zuckerberg publicly showed off his Mandarin skills. Well, we did notice that Some were wowed, others amused, and others cynical.

However, learning Mandarin is broadly in trend in 2021. It is very useful for businesses as it covers the largest economies in the world. Mandarin Chinese is the mother tongue of over 800 million people in the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan, and the language is also used in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Mongolia, and the Philippines.

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To Sum up!

“You live a new life for every language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.”

Czech proverb

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