A fresher’s resume must be formatted differently from an experienced one. So, if you are freshly graduated then, this article is going to help you to write a resume that will attract your job employer. A fresher has no experience and if he/she is looking for a job then, they should format a resume in such a way that it will highlight their education and skills. Most freshers make use of functional resumes assuming that it will give them more benefit. However, that is not true. On the contrary, they must make a resume that has well defined chronological order about certain points that we would suggest here.

  • Read the job description: We recommend you read the job description carefully. This will help you in determining the keywords that you must use in your resume. When you include these words it means you are showing it to your prospective employer that you are capable of doing the job.
  • Write your contact information: A fresher’s resume must contain contact information in the beginning. Include details like name, address, phone number, and email id. If you are living nearby then writing your address will prove to be advantageous. If you are active on social media and if you own a page then you can include the link to the page also.
  • Your personal statement: We believe that a fresher’s resume must have a power summary statement. Do you know what to include here? Let us help you with that. You must highlight career goals and why they must choose you for the said role. Let the statement portray your knowledge, passion, and how worthy you are to them if they select you.
  • Highlight your skills: As per the job description, if you have any soft or technical skills that are relative to it; mention them in your resume. If you have any past experience that may be voluntary then you can highlight that in your resume too.
  • Education, training, certificates: Write about your education and the college you have attended. If you have taken any training or attended any workshop related to the job description can be mentioned. Also, if you have earned scholarships in the past or have done any certificate courses then, you must include them in your resume.
  • Proofread: The last step is to proofread your resume. Take help from your family member or friend and make them read your resume. Ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. See that it looks attractive and up to the mark. It should look professional too.
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We hope that these tips will help you in writing a fresher’s resume. We have covered most of the relevant points that you can add to your fresher’s resume. However, if you have any point in your mind then we welcome your suggestion here. Do write to us in the comment below.

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