CBSE has announced new guidelines for the students of classes 10 and 12th for the academic year 2021-22. Due to the pandemic this year, exams were not conducted this year and the result will be based on the basis of internal assessment. This step was disheartening for many students who have worked hard day and night. However, students understand the situation and now heading towards their goal. But in order to ensure that such a situation does not prevail in the future, the Central Board of Secondary Education announces new guidelines for CBSE 2021-22. Here are the highlights for CBSE 2021-22 that you may want to know.

  • CBSE will conduct two exams in the academic year. Term 1 exam will be held in Nov-Dec 2021 and term 2 exams will be conducted in March – April 2022.
  • The syllabus will be given to the students by July 2021. CBSE will ensure that there is not much difference in the syllabus as compared to the previous year.
  • Term 1 exam will consist of MCQ. Schools will conduct a term 1 exam and it will be for 90 minutes. Due to any unforeseen circumstances if the schools cannot conduct exams then CBSE will conduct them online.
  • Term 2 exam paper will have a descriptive format and of 2 hours. Respective centers will conduct this exam. For any reason so valid if the center cannot conduct the exam then it will be canceled. Then after the marks will be given on the basis of term 1 result, practical exam, internal exam, and project.
  • However, if it is not possible to conduct the term 1 or term 2 exam then the result will be given entirely on the basis of internal assessment, project, and practical.
  • There will be a division of syllabus for both the term exams. However, the CBSE will ensure that the syllabus remains interconnected.
  • They will conduct internal tests, projects, and practical exams for class 10 and class 12 students.
  • Due to the present situation, the schools will continue to teach online.
  • At the end of the term, schools will upload marks on the CBSE website with the help of the CBSE team.
  • Well, CBSE will provide training, assessment papers, questions, and other necessities to the teachers for the session 2021-22.
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These are the guidelines from CBSE 2021-22 as of now. A precise line of updates will be further given by the CBSE by the end of July 2021. Students how are promoted to class 10 and class 12 this year must keep themselves updated regarding the updates.

Moreover, your schools will keep you updated regarding the syllabus and exam pattern. We wish that this year gets normalized. We hope that schools start to work as regular and exams are conducted this year.

Have a happy academic year 2021-22 to all the students.


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