Essentially attitude and aptitude both are important for individual success. However, attitude and aptitude both are different. Everyone has often come across both these words in their lifetime but rarely may we have thought of how they are different. Most competitive exams have a section called the aptitude test. Students are judged based on their aptitude in the test. Whereas, in reality when they face an interview; it is the attitude that will determine their eligibility for the job. Let’s figure out the difference between the two and how it matters in daily life.

Parameters Attitude Aptitude
Definition It is the way an individual behaves, their belief and set of emotions they have The capacity of a person to acquire skills in a given time.
Origin It comes through series of experiences It is innate.
Nature It may change with time and experiences It remains unchanged.
Measurement It measures the competency of an individual It is good or bad, positive or negative.
Reflection It reflects the intelligence quotient to some extent. However, it is not completely associated with it. It reflects the overall personality


The Collegebol platform is student-centric therefore we would like to discuss here parameters that are relative to student. When we speak about attitude and aptitude along with their importance for success; you must know that both are important.

A candidate has a higher aptitude and that leads to the highest score in the exam. But, if he/she fails as a person at their workplace, then their aptitude has no value. We see that individuals with better attitudes have a preference. There is an observation that says that most people with a good attitude will go a long way and have chances to acquire a higher position at the workplace.

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However, we do not mean to say here that aptitude holds no importance. It surely does. An ambitious person will cope with a new environment and new learning. This can only happen with a higher degree of aptitude. Therefore, we can summarize that the right level of aptitude and correct attitude can help you in scaling heights.

Attitude and aptitude are just like two sides of a coin. Both need a balance in life. What is your take on this? Do let us know in the comment section.

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