What would you choose?

Is it money or passion for your living?

We understand that making a choice when it comes to living is rather difficult. Hence, for some, money matters more than passion or vice versa. We believe that making a choice between money and passion is an individual choice. However, we thought of putting up the benefits of choosing money and choosing passion for living. You may want to read it and make a better decision. Because this decision is what you take for life and not for a short while.


  • It satisfies your need: It is obvious that when you choose a job that pays you well that means you are able to meet the needs of your family. You may get good compensation for your work in different forms from your employers. It may take time to make your life luxurious or it may happen quickly but it will happen is a surety.
  • Builds reputation: A good job, attractive package, and reputed company helps in building an individual reputation. Alternatively, it will help in building self-confidence and influence people around you.
  • Networking: Working with reputed employers means you have an opportunity to meet people with high-end jobs. You meet such professionals and you get a chance to build your network. You will get recognition and you may get a chance of promotion or moving to a larger network.
  • Security: When you earn well, you feel secured and safe. It makes you feel that you are ready for any unforeseen circumstances. You are able to bear huge expenses if they may occur. You can have more savings; take insurance policies, and much more to secure your family’s future.
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  • Better growth: You would always contribute more than cent percent when you love what you do. You will put more effort and meet your target or achieve your goal. You will never feel that time is the limitation. Your passion for your work will be visible to your employers and you will have opportunities for promotion.
  • Increased productivity: When you love what you do it means that you do it in the best way. This will not only keep you in benefit but also your employer. You can achieve your target in a short period of time with better results.
  • Happy state: If you are passionate about your work then it is possible for you to stay happy while working. You feel positive; you can achieve the target and get appreciation. Such factors at work will keep you in a happy state. Your mind will stay relaxed and you will keep yourself stress-free. Therefore, you will also remain physically and mentally healthy.
  • Sense of satisfaction: We believe that job satisfaction is more important than anything else. Your work, completion of work, and achievement of objectives will keep you satisfied. Your accomplishment will make you feel good.

So, the final choice is yours. What is your choice, money or passion? You must figure it out very well before making a choice. However, you may fall and rise, fall again and rise again. But, we suggest that you must identify what matters to you the most. Is it money or passion?

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Whatever you may choose, the Collegebol platform wishes you all the best in making a choice that will keep you happy. Whether it is money or passion, choose it wisely.


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