They say the first impression is the last. And wearing the best attire for a job interview is one of them.

Dress up well to make a lasting impression

Interviews play a vital role in a professional’s life. Firstly, at the interview,  it’s more of non-verbal communication and snap judgments which you must be prepared for to turn in your favor. Secondly, it’s about your communication skills. On this big day, indeed it’s a daunting task to find the appropriate dress. Nevertheless dressing appropriately defines your personality, makes you look confident, and helps you communicate effectively. It can even help you build easy connections with like-minded people.

However, as dressing well needs to be in harmony with your personality and lifestyle, why take the risk while you can change your tryst with that dream job that you want. Below are few tips to explore

  • Choose the right color

Choose a color that reflects your personality and flatters you visually. The color you choose will send out a message to the opposite person. Check out what professional colors indicate

  • Black – Power, Authority, Confidence
  • Brown – Calm, Self-assured
  • Blue – Confident, Trustworthy
  • Red – Powerful, Confident
  • White – Calm, Peace-loving 

A neutral color is the safest bet. Black, brown, or navy blue are preferrably the best neutral colors for a job interview. Therefore, make your pick and amp up your look by adding a dash of bright colors to your outfit.


  1. Build a look with a Formal Outfit

Try to avoid jeans or t-shirts as they appear casual. A knee-length dress with stockings or a pencil skirt with a shirt or formal pants with a shirt or a pastel color cotton sari that doesn’t get crumple easily or a muted or pastel color kurta set works best for an ultra polish look. Men could try khaki pants or cotton pants with a shirt. A blazer will be a nice add on over a buttoned-down shirt and pants or pencil skirt

A formal outfit will always have a good fit with a structure, clean lines, and solid color to bring the look together. , whatever you choose to wear for your job interview make sure you iron it

  1. Accessories, Hair & Makeup

Always go for closed-toe shoes or heels or flats over open sandals or sports shoes. Opt for solid colors that complement your attire for your job interview. Furthermore, go for jewelry that is simple yet tasteful. Avoid glitzy, or long pieces of gold, dangling earrings, bangles that will rattle every time you move.

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Keep your hair neatly tied in a ponytail or a bun or clipped. Make sure it doesn’t fall on your face. Use a hairspray to set them if required. Moreover, on the make upfront, go for a neutral look and refrain from using too many colors
To Sum Up!

An attire can completely make or break your Interview performance directly impacting your chances of hiring. In conclusion, even if it’s a remote interview process, dress up in formals from top to bottom to boost your confidence.


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