Monsoon is that that time of the year everyone waits for. However, people should be careful as it is a season that keeps viruses and bacteria happy. Does it sound funny to you? Laugh at it if you want to but it is true. We would especially like to convey this to the student community because this is the time of the year when college starts. You may have come across news that says dengue and malaria cases are soaring high. Monsoon is called a breeding season for mosquitoes. Hence it is necessary to keep a health check during monsoon. Here are some tips to help you keep healthy during the monsoon.

  • Binge on prebiotics and veggies: Consume dairy products such as curd and buttermilk. It contains good bacteria that will see to it that your gut stays healthy. Also, avoid eating raw vegetables during the monsoon. You can boil them and consume them so that they are free from viruses and bacterial. Fill your gut with a nutrition-rich diet.
  • Eat bitter food: Bitter food strengthens your immune system. It keeps worms away which may otherwise take shelter in your intestine. You can consume neem leaves juice or bitter gourd. It removes toxins from the body and helps in maintaining good health.
  • Homemade fruit juices: Packed fruit juices contain a lot of sugar and other preservatives. Orange juice is rich in vitamin C hence it strengthens the immune system. Whereas apple juice helps in the removal of toxins. Try to consume juices without sugar just to keep a sugar check too.
  • Use insect repellant: As the Sun lowers its heat in the monsoon, insects will have a good time outside. Monsoon is a breeding season for mosquitoes. They multiply well during this time of the year. Ensure that you stay away from puddles of water. Wear full clothes when you move out. Make use of mosquito repellant as a precautionary measure. Staying safe is better than taking a risk.
  • Take a shower every day: Well, take shower every day and twice a day. Humidity will lead to excess sweat and dirt on your body. Your body gets prone to infection in such a state. Shower thoroughly once you are home to prevent yourself from infection.
  • Eat-in limit: Our digestive system weakens during the monsoon season. You must keep a watch on your diet. Take light food. Overeating will lead to acidity, bloating, and indigestion. Cook a meal with a dash of garlic and add some pepper if possible. It will aid digestion. Avoid eating too late.
  • Stick to homemade food: Monsoon means rains and the water from the different reservoirs are mixed and supplied to the city. There are chances of getting mild to severe infection due to water. Avoid eating food outside. Typically, the vendors may not be that much careful in checking the water quality. The water may have remained stagnant for a long time and may have become a breeding source for mosquitoes. Therefore, it is best to avoid food outside and stick to homemade food only.
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A new academic year for colleges mostly starts around this season. Therefore, students must take care of their health to ensure that they don’t miss the beginning of the year by falling ill. Especially, if you are living in a hostel then you have to remain even more careful.

The Collegebol platform wishes all the students a healthy and happy monsoon!



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