Add, lemon, mint, and cucumber in water, keep it overnight and drink the next day morning, it will detox your body. Did you try this for your good health? It’s a health tip you can try.

We all learn ways about detoxifying our body but do we do that for our mind? The pandemic has made us all learn many things. Some tried baking, cooking, technology skills, and much more than we can mention here. However, we still felt a mental clutter. Don’t you agree with it? Therefore, it is necessary to detox the mind and feel the peace. Mental health is as much important as physical health. Hence, take some time out for your mental peace and try these 7 useful tips that will detox your mind.

  • Meditation: there is no doubt that meditation keeps your stress away. The deep breathing technique and concentration will help you in keeping your mind peaceful. Try to meditate as early in the morning as possible. Initially, you will feel difficulty in focusing but not stopping is the key.
  • Chores: engaging yourself in doing household chores is the way to live in present. They say na, ‘An idle mind is devil’s workshop’. If you do nothing then you will keep thinking about what your past was or what will happen in the future, which is not in your hand. Hence, help in daily chores even for a short time. It will keep you away from overthinking and detox your mind.
  • Reduce screen time: one way that the mind has a detox is having a lot of screen time. Everyone from the younger to older generation involves themselves in screen time either through phone or TV. But that is the way your mind gets cluttered. Hence, involve yourself in productive activities rather than indulging in screen time. Just give it a try, reduce your screen time and detox your mind.
  • Constant gratitude: it is good practice to be thankful for all that you have. However, it is bad practice to keep yourself unhappy over things that you don’t have. The little act of being thankful for the smallest of things will keep you in a happy state. Gratefulness is the element that you must add to your lifestyle and detox your mind.
  • Volunteering: the pleasure that you get when you do something good to others is beyond words. You can join some organizations or NGOs that need volunteers. It is OK to spend some number hours only during the weekend for others. Have you done that earlier? Why not try? We are sure that you will feel peace within and it will help you detox your mind.
  • Junk journaling: practice writing daily. Put your emotions, frustrations, activities, thoughts, or anything in a diary. You can write about a mundane conversation with yourself. It is true that writing for self makes your mind peaceful because that is the way you can keep peace within.
  • Regular breaks: If there’s too much to study, take a break for doing something else. If your work is over engaging then leave that for a while and just do nothing. It is important to come out of monotonous activity and take a break. It will make you relaxed, happy and detox your mind.
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The Collegebol platform is meant for students. We are here to help you clear your confusion or motivate you through our article section. Mind detox is as much important as good health. You must look after yourself physically and mentally.

Hey, if you are in a state where detox is required, try these tips and keep yourself HAPPY!

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