Do you realize that your screen time may have increased as you are probably staying home? Well, it has happened with children because of online studies, homework, and watching TV. But it teens and adults are also getting affected due to this online education. Well, having more than usual screen time is not good and we all know that. But, the present scenario has not left us with any other option. We thought that we should come up with some tips that will help in reducing screen time. However, you cannot compromise on online education but we suggest you try these tips.

  • Read: If you are a reader then we are sure that you have less screen time. But if you are not a reader that means you spend your time on the phone or TV. Try making a habit of reading anything that you like. Start with short stories. Even if you read for 30 to 40 mins a day then it is worth it. Because it means that you are spending that much less on the screen.
  • Avoid taking selfies: Selfies are trending these days. Everyone from younger to elder wants to capture the moment and upload it for everyone to see. Well, it is not wrong. But then it becomes a habit. It means that you want to take selfies of the smallest of things and put them on social media. Then you may want to see likes and read comments. You will not even realize that it is increasing your screen time. Rather, live the moment and capture memories in your heart.
  • Hobby and skills: Learn new things or spend more time sharpening your skills. You may like to pursue your hobby that you may have lost hold of due to a busy schedule. If you are not passionate about any particular thing then you may try learning new skills. Remember that the market today is looking for multi-faceted and multi-talented individuals. If you learn something new then you will be able to imply that tomorrow somewhere.
  • Leave it outside: You will notice that every family has at least one or two individuals who will take their mobile phones along with them to the bathroom. Why? You will tend to stay inside even after you are done. Leave your phone outside and you will see how quickly you can come out of the bathroom. Sounds funny? But it is true. Just try it.
  • Family time: Somehow family time is lost somewhere. Everyone is either watching TV or busy with their phone. We suggest everyone spend a good family time while having a meal. Do not switch on your TV. Leave your phone somewhere out of reach. Have a meal together and spend a good time with your dear ones. It will not help reduce screen time but make keep your family close-knit.
  • Track it: There are ways you can track your app usage. You can put a timer to the app you think that you are spending most of the time. Nowadays phones will give you the approximate time that you have spent on different apps. You may keep checking that. It will help you in identifying your real screen time and it may motivate you to spend less time.
  • Call up: Did you know that it is always better to give a call rather than chatting? When you chat with someone; you have explained a lot by writing. It is a time-consuming process. Rather, it is easy to explain over a voice call. Prefer to do that. It will help in reducing screen time.
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Reducing screen time is not a day’s game but at the same time, it is not difficult. It is just a matter of habit. Give yourself 21 days and you will see that you have changed your habit. Try these effective ways of reducing your screen time. We welcome your suggestions for the same.

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