Undergoing a virtual internship is not a compulsion but beneficial to students. Especially in the times of COVID when schools/ colleges are not functional in real; you can take this opportunity and take a virtual internship. If the school was running as normal then students would not be able to take up any kind of internship. But, if time permits then you must try for it. The internship has many benefits and it will help you in the future when you are hunting for a job. Moreover, you will gain independence. Isn’t that exciting? Having to spend money of your own! It will not only excite you but also satisfy you. Why don’t you note down the 7 amazing benefits of a virtual internship?

  • Flexible timing: when you are a virtual intern it means that you are enjoying the flexibility of time. Most of the students who are not virtual interns face a lot of clashes between class and work. With a virtual internship, that problem is solved. However, if you are a virtual intern then you will not face such problems. You are supposed to deliver a certain number of hours or targeted work and call for a day.
  • Communication skill: when you are working virtually, you will have to master the art of communication. The face-to-face working environment is quite different where you can express it through your words or facial expressions. But working remotely means you have to make someone understand your problems or concern through words. Hence, slowly you will learn the art of putting words so correctly that you will be able to convince someone.
  • Widen your connection: There is no doubt that internships help in building connections. You will come in contact with people from different backgrounds which will help in building a larger network. Depending upon how sincerely you take your role, these people can help you in establishing your role in the same industry or help you in the future.
  • Gearing up for the future: The experience of working remotely is different from the in-house. Here you have to take care of your work yourself. Telecommunication and e-mails are the best ways you will deliver your work. Technological experience will help you in the future also when you take up a job as an in-house employee. Moreover, you will mostly finish your tasks without intimation because you are used to doing so. Also, you know how to deal with technical issues if any.
  • Develop work pattern: your work pattern is quite flexible but you are responsible to deliver your work on time. You will have virtual meetings, meet deadlines, or prepare reports in a said time. Therefore you will know how to develop a work pattern where you can learn time management, patience, accountability, and resourcefulness.
  • Know your interest: Sometimes school or college-going students don’t know what they want to do in the future. Do you like work from home or do you like going to the field? You will find answers to this question and many more as you will do an internship. Therefore, a virtual internship will help you in discovering yourself. Mind it, it’s not a bad deal.
  • Apply what you learn: virtual internship will let you learn many things. And, the best part is that you will apply most of your employability in the future. Your skills, qualities, communication, teamwork, and many other factors will matter when you go to work elsewhere. Most important thing is that you will put up your virtual internship record in your resume. It will give you more advantages than you may have thought of.
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The Collegebol platform encourages students to take up internships so that they will get enough exposure at a young age. It is not easy to identify your passion and interest. Only such internships will help you sail through such dilemmas. We wish all the prospective graduates good luck in their journey.

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