As a student, we all know the importance of using textbooks effectively. Textbooks are the Bible and Geeta for all the students. It holds important and relevant information on the topic they will study that year. However, it is necessary that textbooks are used nicely and to the core. It is not only enough to read the book or glance over it roughly. But, you must see to it that you are giving a deep eye to each and every page and paragraph of your textbook. Here are 6 ways that will help you in making use of textbooks effectively. Check it out.

  • Making NOTES to remember: Have you ever seen a book that opens so easily to make a straight line? It has a lot of scribbled notes in the textbook itself. There are sticky notes that mention some information about the line or a word. Such are the books that are extensively and effectively used by the students. We recommend you to take down notes while reading for the reason that it will increase your comprehensive knowledge. When you make such notes in your textbooks, it will help you in revising them better.
  • Highlighting KEYWORDS: Your textbooks will contain words that are important to use while writing exams. Highlight them. Alternatively, you may also translate them for better understanding in your mother tongue. It will help you in remembering in a better way.
  • Make a CONCEPT list: If you are studying science or math then stick to a concept list in your textbook. This way you can ensure that you are using textbooks effectively. However, if it is English or any Language textbook then you may want to make a vocabulary list. Every time you will open the book; you will have a look at the list and it will help you in making a place in your memory.
  • Making small NOTE-BOOK from the textbook: This is something we call ‘points to remember.  If you make a practice of writing important points in your words in a notebook then it is easy for you to remember. You may also use different colors and headings for better understanding and recall. It is true that when you write it, you remember it in a better way. There’s no way that you will forget it. As you write, your eyes, hands, and brain coordinate in a much better way than when you just read. Hence, try this method and make use of your textbooks effectively.
  • TRANSLATE words: You may come across some words that you will not remember. So, what you can do is that you may translate those words in your language of preference. When you will come across such words or sentences frequently then you will start remembering them. It is one of the best ways to use textbooks effectively.
  • Having a REFERENCE book: Textbooks will have a list of reference books from where the information is taken. We encourage students to study reference books also once they are over with the textbooks. Reading and studying are not only about doing for the sake of marks but to gain knowledge also. Reference books will help you in extensive learning and making notes with a deeper understanding. Therefore, if you can manage to have a reference book then do not skip it.
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Books are your best friends and there is no doubt about it. Reading is one of the best habits to build up. And, when it is about textbooks; we can say that each time you read it, you will come across something newer and deeper.

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