Confusions, failures, and victory are a part of a student’s life. There are days in a student’s life that are rough on the other hand there are days that are pretty. A student lives them all with the same enthusiasm if the society supports them. The education system has been hard for the students so far. However, we hope that the scenario will change when the government will implement NEP.

Remember the movie ‘3 Idiots’? The principal aka ‘virus’ in a student’s life believed that life is a race and one should win that anyhow. Yes, we agree that there is a lot of competition in today’s world and we should keep ourselves ready for it. But, that is not it. We are all running a marathon and not everyone can stand first. But, all the participants achieve a milestone that satisfies their purpose and that is completely OK. Hence let’s normalize some things in a student’s life too. Here’s what you should normalize.

  • Gap Year: So much stigma if a student has a gap year. It’s completely OK, to take a gap, look for the interest or invest in passion and then carry on with the education. No one knows what major plans may be coming up in the student’s life. Let’s try to normalize a gap year in a student’s life. It is very much OK if they have it.


  • Changing stream: When a student tries to change a stream of education; the majority of parents and other relatives jumps to a conclusion that it was a waste of time. Do you really think so? Well, we would say that it is not a waste of time. But an understanding where a student knows himself better than before. It is their struggle and they have the right to do it with dignity. Lend them support rather than pulling down their confidence.
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  • Repeating a year: Why do we take failure as an end of life? Why can’t parents support their child if he/she has failed? It is very normal. At times, even parents fail in understanding their kids. A topper may fail in taking the right business decision. Failure can happen at any time. So, if a student fails and is repeating a year, it is OK. Help them stand up to this failure. Support them and motivate them.


  • Average or poor performer: Some students pay complete attention and work really hard to secure some average marks. Respect their hard work. Not everyone can top exams. Even the average or poor performer will do something achievable in life. Wait for their time to come. As far as they are putting their efforts, performance must be kept secondary.


  • Financial management: Here is a request to some students who drag their friends out of love to a field trip or study tour. You never know how their parents are putting up for their education. They are probably just managing their child’s education. Hence, stop bothering such students.


  • Relationships: It is not the right age to fall in love, says many. Ok, so, what is the right age to come to a relationship? Can anyone say that? It is not bad to have a relationship but students must see to it that they don’t get distracted because of it. If they are in a relationship then don’t make them feel that they are wrong. It is quite possible that with the support of parents, they will think twice before taking any hasty decision.
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We must start thinking in a different direction now when it is about a student’s life. What we have been doing for the past so many years, we must change it now. Let’s start to normalize these things in a student’s life and be a support to them.

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