Are you a foodie?

Do you consider yourself a food lover?

Well, besides just relishing the food and treating your taste buds; there are other things you can do. Did you know that? No? Well, you can make your career in the food industry and in streams that have everything to do with food. These are unconventional career options for a food lover. However, they are not low-profit ones. Foodies will love everything that has food in it, right? So, let’s count some of the career options that are meant for a food lover like you. The Collegebol platform aims to provide insight and ideas regarding different careers. This one here is for all the foodies and creative people.

  • Catering: This business is booming up in our country. Even for the smallest of gatherings, people don’t hesitate to order food from outside. From kitty parties to weddings, most of the caterers are handling the food business for the guests. They say that it has a very good profit margin. However, the quality of the food and the hygiene factor will play an essential role here. If you can look after these two then you are well sorted. As a food lover, it will be one of the most passionate professions.
  • Food photography: Do you get mouth-watering when you see photos of your favorite or not-so-favorite food? It is the art of the photographer that makes you fall for it. Food photographers work with the food stylist for companies, hotels, or restaurants to click pictures of their food dishes to make them visually appealing. If you love photography and if you are a food lover, then you will love being in this profession.
  • Food stylist: A burger looks so delicious in an advertisement. Ice creams are so well presented in the creative or in the advertisement. It is all because of a food stylist. A food stylist will arrange food items in a way that they look presentable. A food industry or a beverage industry will need a food stylist so that they can virtually connect with their customer base.
  • Food critic: These people will review the food without any bias that is open to the readers. People judge the quality of the food for that restaurant or hotel based on the reviews given by a food critic. These reviews will not only help people but will also help restaurant owners. The review of a food critic will help them in assessing their mistake or loopholes if any.
  • Nutritionist/ Dietician: Well, these people are not actually food lovers. They put a lot of restrictions on the type of food and portion. But, they will help you in keeping your tummy full and your taste buds satisfied. These days, as people are getting conscious about their fitness and food choice; nutritionists or dieticians are making a special place in the market. They provide an optimum balanced diet where they ensure you get to eat all that your body needs and all that your tongue likes.
  • Food vlogger: You must have seen that so many people create videos of different cuisines and recipes to present them on a social media platform. These are called vloggers. Food vloggers will prepare videos on cooking recipes, the origin of the food, food specialties of certain regions, and much more. The vlogs are entertaining and inspiring to many youngsters and adults.
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We would like to add here that chef is also one of the professions for food lovers. A food lover will sail across and reach out for the most appropriate career option. Nowadays people have understood that there is much more than becoming a chef. So, if you are a food lover then here are your career options. All the best.


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