Education Board announced 10th class exam cancellation. Students are now based on their internal marking assessment to decide what they will choose for their future. The 10th and the 12th year are career-centric and for most of the students, it decodes a path for them. However, there are students who know what they want to do after 12. Also, there are others who have confusion and they don’t know which path to take up. Hence, we have this write-up for such a group of students. Let us tell you the most common career options after the 10th.


The craze of science is still there. Many parents and guardians believe that brilliant students should take up science after 10th. Although, there are innumerable scopes after taking up science. The most common career choice for students after taking science is either medical or engineering. Another major benefit of taking up science is that one can also jump to commerce or arts if one wants to.

Some other career options for students who take science in their 11th and 12th are:

  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Architecture and designing
  • Forensic Science and many more

It is one of the most popular career options after Science. However, its popularity is increasing day by day because there are ample opportunities in it. There were days when people thought that commerce is for the one who wants to do business. Well, it is not wrong but it is not totally right either. There are many other employment opportunities to explore besides doing business. Let’s see some of the best career options after 10th after in commerce.

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Business Management
  • Company Secretary
  • Human Resource Management
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Finance and Banking
  • ARTS
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Earlier students who were really weak in studies use to opt for Arts. But, the scenario has now changed. Students who show interest in subjects related to Arts are now moving to the stream without any hesitation or judgment. There were limited options earlier but now that is not how it is. The time is changing and the demand for subjects in Arts stream is also getting higher. Society is in need of such professionals. Here are some of the lucrative career options after 10th, one can go for after taking up Arts

  • Fashion
  • Journalism
  • Media marketing
  • Political Science
  • Historian / Geography studies
  • ITI (Industrial Training Institute)

The ITI aims to provide students with technical knowledge and skills. These institutes provide industrial training to the students. With this training, the students can seek employment in various technical sectors and earn a good living.  They are short-term courses and provide perky opportunities to the students. Look at the career options after 10th in ITI:

  • Job opportunities in private sectors
  • Public sectors such as PWDs
  • Demand in foreign country’s industries

Some groups of students prefer to opt for admission to Polytechnic Colleges to undergo Diploma courses. These courses vary from 1 year to 5 years and offer a Diploma degree to the students. Though, the advantage of going to the polytechnic college is that you will have a degree and employment sooner. Along with these two benefits, don’t forget that it is cost-effective too. Students who are in need to earn soon will go to Polytechnic College. Some of the career options after 10th a polytechnic college offers are:

  • Job in private sectors
  • Public sector employment opportunity
  • Go on to do Bachelor’s and Master’s degree
  • Do a business
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Options and opportunities are many these days. It depends upon the student’s interest and ability to choose any of the options available after the 10th.  It is important for students to choose the right career option after 10th as it will help them to walk towards the path of success.

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