Its been almost a year and a half that we all are dealing with the pandemic situation. Everyone is affected in their way and trying to overcome the condition with the best efforts. Adults are losing their careers, job, and other activities. And, students are badly missing their teen life and school/ college life. In such a situation where everyone is stuck and uncertain about the future; how would we capacitate to stay calm and stress-free?

While everyone is stressed out; we would particularly focus on what students should do to stay positive. The answer to this is AFFIRMATIONS. In this article, we will tell you why you must practice affirmations. What changes you will experience once you welcome affirmations in your life.

  • You may have heard from everyone that one should always speak good about you or the situation. Some believe that whatever you say, will happen. It is true to an extent. Your mind has the power to change the situation. Speak positive affirmations daily. Gradually they will form their place in your subconscious mind. Then, you will start to feel that way. You will experience a better version of yourself and gain more confidence.
  • Amid the situation, the fear of the future may overpower your mind. Therefore, calm down your mind by saying that everything will happen for the better. Yes, try this out. Develop a positive aura and that is in your hands only. By believing that whatever happens will be for good reason; something good will actually happen with you. Students should not panic rather accept the situation with positivity.
  • Self-assurance is the key to keep you away from anxiety. Assure yourself that this phase that you are in will pass. Time never remains the same for anyone. Whether good or bad, it has to change someday. Similarly, this time where there is uncertainty and insecurity about the future; self-assuring sentences can help you to keep your mind soothe.
  • Make your morning worth it by saying positive affirmations. What will happen with this? You will feed these thoughts to your mind and in turn, your mind will act accordingly. Also, it will remind you constantly about your positive thoughts and keep you positive throughout the day. It will help you in getting rid of the negativity and keep you personally progressive.
  • Words are powerful than weapons. What you communicate to others or to yourself has an impact. Make your words so affirmative that they will help you in altering your state of mind. It will help in changing the thought process and eventually make you affirmative by nature. It really works.
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We call out all the students who are feeling low or are worried about their future. We understand that there were a lot of ups and downs last year and this year too. The online studies, disturbing routine, no friends gathering, no college life, and lately no exam have kept everyone under stress. The situation was not in anyone’s control. But what we can control is our thought process.

We urge all the students to try out these affirmations in the morning with a fresh mind. Let this be your mind’s breakfast. You will never regret feeding this one.

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