Negative self-talk is something that most of us are doing at this time of the year. Students are doing this because there is uncertainty in their academics and career. Adults are doing this because their growth opportunities are seized. There is a lack of employment for fresher and probably they have to settle for less than they deserve. But, does it really help? Do you think that negative self-talk is the solution to the problems? On the contrary, it can invite more problems and make them look bigger than they are. Therefore, we thought of putting up some tips that may help you keep negative self-talk away.

  • Show empathy to yourself: If you are dealing with some hard situations either on a professional or personal level then show some empathy for yourself. Not all the phases of the life are same. If you are in a bad phase of life then that will pass too. Empathize yourself in such a situation. Don’t get too harsh on yourself.
  • Think different: Let your thoughts not overpower you. It is quite possible to have hard thoughts coming up during such circumstances. Re-think about it. Revitalize your thoughts. You can try to come up with thoughts that give your positive energy. Negative thoughts can encourage negative self-talk. Try not to fall into that trap.
  • Encourage positivity: What everyone should try in this time is affirmation. They can boost up positive thoughts in you. Try to read positive quotes, books, or watch inspirational films. Surround yourself with so much positivity that then there is no space for negative self-talk.
  • Celebration: A CEO of a company may celebrate his/her grand success. But, if you have done something small but commendable, celebrate it. Make your smallest of successes count by celebrating them. These celebrations are a way of making you feel countable for your success. Don’t forget to eat a small cupcake if you have made even the smallest of achievements.
  • Invite happiness: Staying happy is a choice. Some of the richest and successful people are unhappy whereas a street vendor is ever smiling. Therefore, indulge in happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. In spite of the hard time that you are going through, you can choose to stay happy. Keep smiling. Your muscles are relaxing when you smile.
  • Focus on strength: Everyone is born with strength and weakness. As much as you know your weakness, know your strength also. So, instead of crying over your weakness; focus on your strength. Remind yourself of what qualities you possess that are worth. That’s how you can easily overcome the habit of negative self-talk.
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Remember, negative self-talk will only ruin your peace of mind and keep you in a state of frustration. Every person has to choose what he/she wants to be. It’s either chosen happiness or stays grumpy. If you still need someone to talk to, then you can always ping us from here. Stay happy. Avoid negative self-talk.

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