An old saying, books are your best friend. It’s true. Do you also wish to cultivate a reading habit? A pandemic may have made most of us realize that having a reading habit could be a boon. Many of us may have tried to cultivate a reading habit but may have failed. Well, it needs patience. Something that you have not done in the earlier years will take time. But, it is true that with books, you will never feel lonely. It is one of the best companions that you can have.

In this short article, we will tell you about ways to cultivate reading habits. If you are willing to become a reader then you can take up these tips. Trust me, it is one of the best things that you can do to kill your loneliness.

  • Choose a genre that you like: There are so many books available to read. You will not find interest in all of them. Hence, you need to make a wise choice. You can ask your friends who are readers to help you with book selection. Create a book list. Note it down where you have a record of books you are reading or already finished reading. A better way to make it interesting is to note down good sentences or quotes that you come across.


  • Setting up a goal: Set up a goal of reading books in a month’s time or a year’s time. Write it down somewhere to refer to your goal (as a reminder).  If you are a fresh reader then set a goal that you can accomplish. Make it a realistic one otherwise, it can disappoint you. Look for a good reason to read the book you choose. It will help you to move closer to your goal in a time limit that you have framed.
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  • Create a reading pattern: As per your capacity, determine the number of pages that you can read in a day. Well, don’t force yourself to read more than you can. It can ruin the interest in the book reading. Set a goal that you can meet. By this, you can focus on reading, and eventually, it will become a habit. Mind well that you do not rush to read or complete the book. On the contrary, take interest in reading. It will help you to cultivate reading habits in the longer run.


  • Creating ambiance: Just as you need the right ambiance to study; you need the right ambiance to read. If you love to read online then go for it. Or, if you love to read a book with hardcover then choose that. Choose a nice and comfortable chair to sit in. You may feel a little bit new to space but gradually you will settle down.


  • Keep away from distractions: Do not select a place where distraction is possible. You can instead choose a place that is calm and silent. Keep away from TV, laptops, radio, or any other means of disturbances. Dedicate at least 30 to 45 minutes in a day without distraction. Gradually you will form a reading habit.


  • Have a reading partner: When you have someone who is like you then you will like it. Get someone to read with you. Join a book club if you feel that you are lacking the motivation to read. Discuss different books with others. Get a like-minded partner who loves reading or would love to read with you. Trust me; you will have super fun reading books together.
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Cultivating reading habits is not something that will happen overnight. There are many advantages of reading. You not only strengthen your vocab but help you manage your stress level too. Besides this, you can amplify your thinking skills and help you to grow.

So, what are you waiting for? Analyze your interest area and get going with the book that you will love. Liked this article? Did it motivate you to read? Follow us for more updates and thoughtful articles.

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