Some students fail to be productive. There are many unfavorable activities that kill productivity. Especially when students have passed most of their time home during the pandemic; their chances of becoming inactive and spending time in unwanted activities have increased. All the adults and students know about the activities that kill productivity but still carry on doing them because they are probably enjoying it. However, there are also some sets of students who have utilized this time of pandemic and have learned new things.

Well, just to bring it to your notice, here are the names of these 4 activities that kill productivity. We are sure that you know them but we are here to name them.

  • Social media obsession: Teens and young adults are spending too much time on social media these days. Some of them make a post for each of their activity on social media with fancy hashtags and captions. And, what is all this for? Well, only to gain attention and become popular. However, if social media is put to use correctly; it also helps in generating income. But unfortunately, most teens are using various apps and platforms only to pass their time.

We would urge the youth of today to focus on activities that do not kill productivity. Distraction is easy but with focus, there’re many things that you will achieve.

  • Looking for a comfort zone: You will find peace and solace when you are in your comfort zone. But is that what you want? Remember, nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without hard work and dedication. All great achievers have moved out of their comfort zone to become what they are today. There is no progress or learning when you are at ease. If you want to achieve your goal then you have to make your way out of the coziness that you are in. So, what are you waiting for? Wake up and keep moving until you reach your goal.
  • Gossiping and chattering: How much time do you spend on your phone talking about something that is of no use to you? If you are spending your time gossiping then it is a waste. Well, everyone knows that gossiping yields no result yet most of us indulge in doing it. Instead, let’s focus on doing something that will lead to some good results. Gossiping just kills productivity. We can just utilize that energy in doing something that will give us a good outcome.
  • Keeping idle: When you sit idle means you are watching TV, Phone or playing games, or doing something that does not take you anywhere. They say an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. It is true. You run out of ideas and creativity if you stay idle. If you are active then only you can generate newer ideas that will take you towards personal growth. Only relaxing like a couch potato is not good for health either. Therefore, find some activity that will help you in finding your path and fulfill your dreams.
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When you waste time, you kill productivity. Above mentioned are some of the habits that are hurdles in your way to success. Ensure that you do not entertain these habits. If you think there are other habits that kill the productivity of an individual then do let us know in the comment section below.

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