The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has put up a freakish dilemma and an unusual strain on student lives and experiences to control the situations. Also, the world is in misery and suffering from undesired constraints and breakdowns to livelihood. The critical downfalls are continuously scaling which are diminishing the economy widely. The huge fall in the education sector is replacing the working spaces for the expansion of the nation. Today, millions of students are acquiring knowledge from home as the distress and strain of the virus transpire. Moreover, there is an unsafe obstacle in front of all generations. Humanity is parading that learning is an activity that one can learn from anywhere. Thus, this is the time to procure the world digitally.

During such times, students have been suffering a lack of knowledge, direction, and guidance from their colleges and schools. Hence, the Covid-19 pandemic is completely changing the way we are imparting education to children. As per preliminary research, it hints that student’s time out of the classroom is leading to education losses in various subjects. Students, parents, and educators are in the middle of another disturbed school year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the period and length of interruptions to classroom teaching are still not clear. And, it is obvious that technology will gain more value to live inside and outside of schools and colleges.

In today’s world, every person is dependent on digital technology. Especially students are seeking knowledge and education through various platforms. Although, the mode of education delivered is just one phase of the altering face of education. The skills students will require to succeed are also swiftly evolving. Living at home has certainly changed the outlook as it has given students a new way to see the world.  Due to the advancing technologies and new methods, students are gaining the power to excel better, digitally. Various companies belonging to the education sector are initiating bright courses and skill-development lessons for students to gain an understanding. However, every day is a new challenge to learn and acquire knowledge and perception.

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Many college students have started their work from internships parallel to their studies. Digital technologies can play a significant role to lessen the consequences of the crisis on youth. Nowadays, Digital platforms are equipping students to pursue online learning, and entrepreneurs to occupy in e-commerce. Also, artists are gaining income through online freelancing and microwork. These indirect opportunities are expressly advantageous for young students and other weak students who are getting affected due to crisis.

Governments and businesses are now are investing their investments in digital skills advancement to assure that youth can rely on appropriate online education with engaging opportunities.

Hence, it is the golden time and opportunity for students to buckle up the skills and advance them to grow prosperously.

There are many changes that students are facing today due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with time, students are getting used to it. The Collegebol platform is one such place for students where they can speak their minds. If you need us, then you can get in touch with us.


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