It is getting hard for first-year students to commence university life in the present situation. Well, it is always easy rather to binge on university life. Meeting new friends, acquiring the grips with your course, and driving away from home for the first time are all trials. But what is it like to begin university in the first year and have to deal with these things while also trying to survive cautiously from coronavirus? Or, what is it to be a university student but missing all the above fun? Is it something that a first-year student ever wanted?


The Covid-19 pandemic has put up an unusual difficulty and unprecedented anxiety on people’s lives and abilities to control the situations. The world is in distress and living in undesired full stops and unimagined terrifying livelihood. There are increasing severe comedowns which are reducing the expansion in the education sector widely. The tremendous peak fall in the education sectors is displacing the working spaces for the development of the nation. Today, millions of students are learning from home as the worry and burden of the virus occur. A risky problem is what we all are facing today. Humanity is demonstrating that learning is an activity that one can learn from anywhere. Thus, this is the time to acquire the world digitally.


This global pandemic has put up a heavy hit on student’s lives and learning. It not only summons the education system but also keeps the teachers and students in panic. Like in other spheres of the profession, the education system is adapting to the new virtual remote learning system and its functions. The rising enactment of smart classroom systems by schools and colleges is now modifying the past or the classical education system. The magnifying technologies and advanced gadgets are an information guide to teachers and students to assimilate virtual knowledge. 


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Indian teachers are attempting and thriving tough day and night to get admittance to the basic and vital modern applications. Countless teachers are soaring up to manage professional development sessions on remote learning despite schools and colleges are shut.

Life as a first-year student graduate in times of covid19 has been remarkably terrifying and depressing. With a dream of succoring a new life, students’ lives are left with blank spaces. It’s almost a year now that things were last normal. As the cases started achieving peak every day, it led the students’ lives again at remote learning at home. Classroom learning is diminishing with time and it is doubtful whether we all will succor the traditional pace again or not. It is way vital for students to learn things practically with the support of a theoretical way of learning.

This situation has put up constraints on learning but it is surprising to see students are still learning this way. Most universities are embedding measures in spots to shield students and staff against the menace of coronavirus. Despite the university’s attempts to promote online events, the constraints on social distancing have made it notably difficult to meet new people at the university. Therefore, the first-year students and their desire to live the life of a college or university remains a dream. 

We really hope to emerge out of this situation soon. However, as of now all we can do is take vaccines and necessary precautions. The Collegebol platform is here to guide you with whatever information that you may need. In such a case, you can reach out to us.

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