Sometimes, due to some undeniable reasons, students are given mass promotion. The students are uniformly promoted to the next class. It will not matter whether a student is bright or not. Everyone goes up to the next level irrespective of what their talent is. This year students of 10th got a mass promotion due to the prevailing pandemic. The Coronavirus does not seem to hold on to its anger in any way. The rising cases of viral infection are causing fear which is obvious. Hence, it is decided by the boards to promote students of 10th without exam. However, they will get their results based on their internal assessment.

We believe that there are possible impacts of mass promotion. It can affect the way quality of education will go ahead in the future. Internal assessment is OK but the final board exams have altogether a different impact. What are the possible impacts of mass promotion?

  • It is not possible to differentiate between the ordinary and extraordinary talents of the students. The final exam is not always the key to differentiate between a mediocre and a poor performer but it surely helps in many ways. Hence, knowing a real talent from the pool of students is not possible when there’s mass promotion.
  • Who is at a loss when there is mass promotion? Students who have worked day and night to secure the seats of their choice are majorly at a loss. We understand that gathering is not possible and this is the only way left, but those hard-working students are grieving and it may affect their mental health.
  • The weaker class of students has no chance of improvement now. There are classes of students who may have failed if the exam was conducted. They make have to give a second trial and work harder to get through. Now, as there is mass promotion, there is no exam. The concepts remain weak and such students may face the consequences, not this year but later in the coming academic years.
  • Mass promotion will lead to an unfiltered pool of students to go on a specific field of further education. This can prove like a nightmare in the future. Students with weaker foundations and concepts will not be able to cope up in the future. They will face failure either in higher education/ degree or during a job interview.
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Not for all but for many, this is an easy way out and for many; mass promotion is a situation that’s way out for them. Mass promotion is the only way due to this pandemic. However, we certainly hope, if there was some other way out and students could appear for the exam.

The Collegebol platform stands with the students in the time they need. You can reach us if you need mental support or help in making the decision. Stay tuned to our article section for such articles.

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