A photojournalist has an eye to capture real-life incidents and convey them into a story. They are those talented groups of people who will give you an overview of the incident with the help of a photograph.

Remember the ‘Farhan’ of the movie 3 Idiots. He was pursuing engineering but his aspiration was to become a photographer. Nowadays there are different types of photography happening in and around. You need to choose a niche for it. You can become a fashion photographer or a wildlife photographer also. It will depend upon your interest.

A photojournalist is not necessarily covering news, but they are capturing series of photographs to tell you a story that is real. The intent is to convey a message through pictures rather than words. Therefore they are following minute details and precise capture to let the audience understand the incident.

It is not something like a medical or engineering degree where you have to study a syllabus, give an exam, and get a degree. We would say that it will depend upon your area of interest and the willingness to take up photography as a career. Someone will start their career as a traditional photographer and then move on to become a photojournalist. Sometimes journalists take an active interest in photography and turn into a photojournalist.

However, there are some tips that you should bear in mind to become a photojournalist.

  • First of all, you need to get handy with your camera. You must learn all the basics of the camera and acquire some basic editing skills.
  • Along with basic photography skills, learn some basic journalism too. Well, you don’t have to play with words; but it is important for you to understand journalism. Your pictures are going to tell a story; hence, you should be able to convey your story easily to people.
  • Try to understand the emotions, body language, features, and differences of real-life characters or an object associated with them. If it has to tell a story then you should be able to capture the feelings, the moves, and the right action in your picture. You should learn to capture minute expressions and reactions, focus on them and present them in your picture.
  • When you are a beginner then you can start afresh. What you can do is that you can take up an internship in the media house. You can join as a junior or as an assistant and learn a lot from your seniors. Start with something rather than not take up your passion anywhere.
  • Besides work, do some photography to show your talent to others. Put those pictures on social media. Create a social media page and keep it updating. Make use of the right hashtags. Keep your page live and maybe you could come across better opportunities.
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Photojournalism is kind of an unconventional career but it is a demanding one. Everything is not about having a degree and a reputed profession. A photojournalist is one of the career options that media agencies are looking for. Hence, if you have the passion and if you are ready to take on challenges, then this option is meant for you.  We can help you in knowing your interest by speaking to you. Reach out to us from here. Stay home and stay safe.


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