The Coronavirus has hit many lives so far. Therefore it is important to see that we find ways to boost immunity. There are different symptoms this time than the last year. The implementation of a total lockdown seems difficult. In this crucial time, it is important that we look after ourselves. We must see to it that we maintain our immunity so that we are capable of fighting against the deadly virus. The younger generation and adults have no option but to move out for work.

As this is the need of an hour; we thought of sharing some useful ways which will help in boosting immunity. They are simple but we would say that they are really effective. Try to follow them and keep yourself away from the virus.

  • Drink more water: keep yourself hydrated. This is the first and the foremost effective way to fight against any disease. You can preferably have lukewarm water rather than consuming ice-cold water. It really helps.
  • Use spices in your diet: Indian spices have innumerable benefits. Ensure to include spices like turmeric, coriander, cumin seeds, and garlic in your daily diet. It helps in boosting immunity.
  • Sleep enough: Science has proved that enough sleep is necessary to have good immunity. Do see to it that you are taking enough sleep. Give your body the rest it requires.
  • Nutrient-rich food: Avoid eating junk food. Include nutrient-rich food in your daily diet. Consume food that is lighter, easily digestible, and loaded with nutrients. Eat fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Personal hygiene: Wash your hands every time you come home from outside with soap or a hand wash. When you are outside, sanitize it. Wear clean clothes every day. Wash your clothes regularly. Your personal hygiene will help you in keeping good immunity.
  •  Consume herbal drink: Decoction made out of Tulsi leaves, black pepper, Cinnamon, and ginger added in water to boil is a great way that helps in boosting immunity. One can also consume turmeric milk every day to maintain the immunity level.  This traditional drink has more benefits than just boosting immunity.
  • Nasal application of ghee: This is also one of the traditional methods to improve immunity. Apply ghee in both nostrils in the morning and evening to boost immunity.
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However, these are some of the best methods used to boost immunity; do consult your doctor before trying any of these that you are not sure of. We post this in the interest of the prevailing time but we recommend that you do it once you have got a green flag from your doctor.

We wish to come out of this terrible situation soon. Do wear your mask properly.

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