Did you ever think of your first internship?

How will you find your first internship and what you will look up to?
These questions are quite challenging. As it is your first internship, you are not very clear about it. There are several factors to look into before making a choice. Remember that you are doing an internship to get experience and not for the sake of doing it. Your first internship is your first step towards your passion or goal. Therefore, make sure that you are taking it up carefully. If you are having a doubt then we at the Collegebol platform are always there for a rescue. We have 5 suggestions for you to analyze as to what you should look for when it’s your first internship.

  • List down the companies: If you are looking forward to joining specific companies then you should make a list of all those companies. There is no point in applying vaguely to companies that will not satisfy your footsteps. Rather, you must know what exactly you are looking for, and accordingly, you can choose companies to apply for internships.
  • Your interest: Say if you are an accountant student and if you get an offer from a legal company to manage their admin part; would you like to take it up? The answer is NO. Therefore wisdom is looking for companies that serve your area of interest. When you apply for the internship, you must specify the role that you wish to take up. There has to be clarity in your mind about the job role that you prefer.
  • Gear up for the interview: When you have applied for the internship then there are chances that you will get a call for the interview. If you have not got a call or a message then you can initiate the conversation by mailing or calling them. Once you are called for the interview; you should see to it that you are well prepared. The interviewers will not expect you to bluff there. Hence you should keep it real as you also know that you do not have enough experience.
  • Be honest: Honesty is the key. Be sure to communicate well. Your first impression is enough to bag you for your first internship. Your body language and your voice tone will help you achieve it. Let them know that the internship is important for you not in terms of money but learning. When they give you’re the opportunity to ask questions, ask them the right one.
  • Follow up: You must ask them that by what time they will get back to you. If you have not heard from them few days after the interview then do not hesitate to give them a callback.  Your first step towards them may give you the opportunity.
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Your first internship is very important. At times, smart and hard-working interns turn to full-time employees. Your dream of working with your passion and at your dream place may turn true. Hence, keep no stone unturned in doing so.

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