Exam uncertainty is really stressful. The prevailing COVID-19 pandemic has again got us in the same position as the last year. Recently CBSE and GSEB have announced that the 12th exams are postponed looking at the current scenario. However, it is true that there’s nothing more important than life. At the same time, it is also true that students are experiencing stress and emotional knockdown. The entire has been really tough to deal with and this decision has again put students in an anxious mode. But, this is the time to keep calm rather than dealing with stress that has no solution nearby. Why don’t you all try these 5 ways to deal with exam uncertainty stress?

  • Practice optimism: staying positive is the key to deal with exam uncertainty stress. Believe it or not but this is true. Your vibrations will hit you back. Keep positive. Believe that what is happening is for good. As this time has come which is tough; you will also have a good time that will bring much more relief to you. Believe that you have got more time to prepare, work on your weakness, and enhance your strengths.


  • Exercise and yoga: a healthy body contains a healthy mind. Do exercise/ yoga daily that will release a hormone called endorphins. This hormone will reduce the stress level and help you feel much better. Give at least 30 mins in the bright sun for yourself.


  • Soothing music therapy: music has such a soothing effect that it can literally change your mood. Listen to your favorite genre of music. We recommend you prefer some soft and soothing music because it will help you calm down and let your senses relax. It will reduce your anxiety, keep your blood pressure under control, and calm your nerves.
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  • Distraction: try to ditch the negativity and exam uncertainty stress as much as you can. Distract yourself from such thoughts. Watch a movie, a series, water your garden plants, do some indoor activity, spend some leisure time in a nearby garden, or any other activity that you like. When your brain goes nuts, break it enough and put a full stop to its function.


  • Seek support: you need not keep your frustration, anger, anxiety, or your thoughts to yourself. Vent it out to a person who is happy to listen to you positively. Ask for their thoughts, hear them, speak to them, and look out for their experiences or ways to deal with such situations. You will feel much better. If the person is not a family member then make sure you video call him/her.


We understand that it is a draining situation but as mentioned earlier; there’s nothing more than health. Rest assures that this time will also pass. Your sacrifices and your hard work will bring your reward. It is just a matter of time. We hope that these simple yet effective remedies will help you handle exam uncertainty stress. Reach out to us for such information and articles.

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