Emotional intelligence is linked to success nowadays. As a student, you may come across many write-ups relating to emotional intelligence. Companies, markets, industries, workspaces, and many other places understand the value of a candidate with higher emotional intelligence. IQ is important but anyone will prefer a candidate with a good IQ and EQ.

They say that companies see their growth by hiring candidates with steeper emotional intelligence. To some extent, we also believe in the same. When you will read this article; you will get an idea as to why emotional intelligence matters and how to increase it.

  • Assertive language: we always talk about keeping ourselves positive. Not only our thought needs positivity but so does our language. When you are assertive in speaking your thoughts, people feel more connected with you. Suppose you are in a marketing job. You will come across different types of people. Some are polite and some are harsh to you. Over here, it is your assertive language that will help you earn respect and let you do your job. Therefore, with positive language, you can put your thoughts and opinion straight without hurting others.
  • Empathy: we would say that it is majorly missing these days. One can learn about empathy right from their childhood. It is a characteristic that someone should instill in you when you are a child. It does not make you weaker; on the contrary, it helps you to understand a person’s situation in a better way.  With empathetic behavior, you are likely to gain respect and trust from others.
  • Approachable:  do you know that if you are emotionally intelligent then people feel comfortable with you? Yes, it makes you social and approachable. Your presence and your smile relay the positivity that others are looking for. Your ways of connecting with people and your interpersonal skills will make people communicate with you more. Hence if you are a working candidate then you are likely to gain popularity and respect in your area.
  • Take initiative and make decisions: this is an excellent quality for you to take up leadership. It is observed that emotionally intelligent people tend to take the first step. They are confident enough to take decisions. They are a good guide and people love to follow them. If you are working in a team and if you have these qualities in you then you are a preferable choice for becoming a leader. Your level of performance and higher productivity are going to help you take up the leadership.
  • Listen actively: one of the hardest parts for most of us. We love talking about ourselves, our problems and hurdles, our achievements, and much more. But seldom have we wanted to know the difficulties and appraisals others have. Acquire the skill of listening actively to someone rather than just putting your point. Try to take clarity of each point rather than just hitting an argument. Try to understand the speaker’s voice tone and body language if possible. With this attitude, you can earn respect from the speaker for you and avoid any misunderstanding occurring.
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Now read all the bold points again. Isn’t it the quality of a successful employee/ boss/ team leader? They are. Therefore, it is confirmed that people with increased emotional intelligence are the ones who can achieve success. Therefore, you should too analyze yourself for these mentioned points and if you are missing any then you are not late. It is time to start right now.

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