Hate numbers?

Always weak in mathematics?

Well, that’s completely ok. Gone are those days when all the subjects in the schools mattered a lot. Many things have changed completely. It is not only about math and science that will make all the difference to your life. However, it is about the practical knowledge and experience that will matter the most. If you are one of those who hate number games then this article is in your interest.  We are going to list down 5 career options that you can consider if you think that numbers are not your cup of tea. Let’s have a look.

  • Translator: if you love learning different languages then this is the opportunity for you. It is said that children can learn different languages. Therefore, if you have learned various languages and have mastered them then you have job opportunities as a translator. You get to work with the government, embassies, agencies, international companies, corporations, and any other places where there is a need for a translator.


  • Radio Jockey: you can easily get far away from numbers if you aspire to become a radio jockey. All you need is a flair for speaking and a good sense of humor. With a good voice, command over language, current affairs, and most importantly is the ability to engage your audience; you can easily venture into this profession. You will have a good fan base followers and recognition with this career.


  • Counselor: this will interest you if you love listening to people’s concerns. It requires patience and a genuine approach. You should be able to analyze the situation or the scenario and give an appropriate solution accordingly. You must keep the conversation to yourself and provide your client with an emotionally resilient solution. It brings the satisfaction of achievement not only to your client but to you also.
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  • Social Media Marketer: get your heels on fire if you love this field. It is a field where spontaneity and creativity go hand-in-hand. You need to have effective communication in your words and crisp designs that will communicate your idea clearly to the audience. This field is all about going with the flow but standing out unique to divert more people to your way. All the numbers that you worry about here are the number of people who will engage in your posts.


  • UI UX Designer: do animation and graphics fascinate you? If yes then you can aim at becoming a UI UX designer.  This is the field to showcase your creative abilities and put forth your ideas through a user interface which in turn can be used at increasing the usability and utility of the user. When the world is full of creativity, this field can serve you with the best without involving numbers.


Luckily this is an era where each and every field is important. It does not matter whether you love Math or Science or Economics or designing. What matters more is that whatever you do has to interest you and you should excel in that. If you are seeking help regarding making a choice then you can get in touch with our team.

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