While some careers have submerged in this time, there are some that are emerging careers in the era of COVID-19. Times have changed and so are the things. The values, the morals, and their lifestyle has changed. The COVID-19 has made a huge impact on a number of lives. However, there are some careers that are emerging and will continue to raise post-COVID as per our vision. Students are the most in dilemma as to where they will head up to if the situation does not change. The board exam for the 10th has canceled and for the 12th is postponed. This uncertainty of the exam is stressful for students and their parents. However, here we have a list of 5 emerging careers that you may want to look through.

  • Medical and health care: There is no need to mention that we are facing crises in the medical and health care field. The COVID-19 situation was never known to us before. We never knew that a time would come when we could face a shortage of staff. Medical and health care was always a favorite field for many. Above all, looking at the situation now; we think that more people would come forward to take up this field. There are going to be more opportunities than before. We recognize this as one of the emerging careers so far.
  • Ed-tech: The concept of education has totally changed. Did you ever think that one day teachers would teach us virtually through an online platform? No. But the prevailing and worsening situation has compelled us to do the same. With the onset of pandemics, the Ed-techs got the opportunity to accelerate their growth. Also, students are now subscribing to these technologies since the schools have closed down.
  • OTT platforms: The theatres have closed down for the safety of the people. Almost all the movies of a good budget are now shifting to release on the OTT platforms. The digital generation of our country is now largely shifting to the OTT platforms. OTT platforms are now becoming a source of entertainment and an emerging career choice nationwide.
  • E-commerce: Have you made any purchases online since the lockdown? The fear of conquering infection is compelling us to be at home. But, we need things for our survival. Hence people are shifting to online portals from where they can get their daily necessities. People are buying clothes, groceries, vegetables, fruits, stationery items, and much more than we can write here. A high rise in revenue is observed on the e-commerce platform since the COVID-19 has entered into our lives. The experts believe that even after that, there is a consumer base that will carry on shopping online. We believe that a career in e-commerce will be the emerging one.
  • Finance: Finance is one of the emerging careers these days. People have realized that life has no certainty. They have also understood the worth of money and its careful investment. Therefore, more people are coming out and seeking help to invest where they get a good return. Also, there is a steep rise in digital transactions. Therefore, there is a rise in such technology and manpower who can work for such technologies. India is going digital with every footstep. Hence there is a steady growth in the finance sector.
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With the onset of COVID-19, people have realized the challenges and gaps that may come in their life. At the same time, there have many transformations occurred. There is an awakening of many technologies and that may empower our young generation. The opportunity may come up in India soon and that may bring a new wave of hope for our youth. The will to do something is what will keep you apart from the rest.

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