The youth of our nation is more than an inspiration to the adults of today. We mostly consider youngsters like the ones who are mostly in a state of confusion or in dilemma. However, when you will read this article; you will understand that it is not true for everyone. India is a land of innovators and inspirers. The land has always amazed the world with its citizens who have never failed to inspire people. We are going to share with you some of the young inspirers of our country. It will motivate you to do something better for the people around you.


Sriya is 15 years old with a great vision to reduce waste and turn it into something that’s for the benefit of society. She decided to recycle used flowers from a social function and turned them into soap, paperweights, or other items that are useful. She did this with the help of women who are economically and socially backward. Her idea and efforts at her age are commendable. She is certainly one of the young inspirers of India.


This young boy started the initiation of cleaning a Mumbai-Dadar beach with his friends on the weekend only. Altogether, 1000 tonnes of waste including plastic, food, religious waste, and others were cleared from the beach area. Gradually, this cleaning movement became the talk of the town and many hands joined in to support Malhar.


She was just 12 when she thought of protecting honey-bees. The bees died because of honey collected as the collectors used to burn hives.  She built a ‘Bee Saver Bot’ that will help in relocating beehives without killing bees. What a noble thought, right? She has learned to be empathetic right from an early age.

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Meet the youngest social worker of our nation. This young girl is only 13 and she serves people in the hills on the pilgrimage of Kedarnath. She along with her parents who are doctors treat patients and the ones who suffer injuries. She has saved the lives of two pilgrimages for which she won a Bravery Award.


Something that the women wish to have at home is the mopping machine. We have vacuum cleaners to deal with the dry surface but what about the wet one? with this idea, he developed a remote-controlled mop to clean up wet surfaces. One can customize a machine and it works under and over various kinds of surfaces. However, the machine is portable and easy to maintain. Won’t you want to have one?

Our motherland is blessed to have many such young talents and young inspirers. The only thing a child wants to have is clarity of goal and appropriate guidance. If you wish to speak your thoughts to someone then we are here to listen. If you need guidance then we are here to show you the path. Follow us to get more relevant updates related to education and youth.


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