Exams are over but the stress has not yet made its way out of the mind? It is very common to have stress and anxiety after the exams are over. The seeds of doubts and fear are nurturing in your mind and about to emerge as a plant. However, you can help reduce post-exam anxiety by doing something that is relaxing to you. Why? Obviously, there is no point in bothering about the situation that is gone already. You cannot make any change to that thing now as that time is not returning back. Therefore, it is worthless to become anxious over such a thing. Hence we thought of sharing some ideas that you can do to reduce your post-exam anxiety and stress.

  • Indulge in your favorite activity. The exam schedule has kept you busy.  But, now is the time to fulfill your desire of involving in your favorite activity or pursue your hobby. If you are not sure of what to do then you can pick up an activity that sounds confident to you. And, then you can have a good start with that activity.


  • Long time and no meet with friends? Post exam is a very good time to hang on with friends you have not met for long. Get together will friends after long will de-stress you and keep you relaxed. You will forget about your worries and post-exam anxiety. Go to a good place with your friends and cherish the old memories.


  • Thoughts keep bothering you when you are alone. It happens with everyone. However, you must think of all the good times and all the hard work you have done. Remember all the efforts you have made to give your exams. Remember that, positive thoughts will relax you much more than you think.
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  • One of the hardest parts is to accept the hard reality. The reality that exams are over and you cannot change anything. The results will be out soon and your performance will speak for you. Hence, sit back and wait for your results. Keep all the possible options open for you.


  • Remember that you are different from the rest. You are unique and you should not compare yourself with others. Your efforts will speak up for you and so does with everyone else. Stop giving judgments to yourself.


  • Stop looking for the correct answers after you are home. If you are discussing a question paper in the school then do not get upset about anything wrong. Nothing can change even for the better after the exams are over.


  • Sleep well. Your ongoing exams did not allow you to sleep well. Without over-thinking a bit, just repay to yourself all the sleep hours that you have missed.


We believe in not taking any more stress or not having post-exam anxiety. It is not going to change your result or future. But a correct pathway will. Hence if you are confused and wish to speak to us then we can connect.

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