English is an international language. Therefore most of the conversations these days happens in the English language. Students that pursue their education in English medium schools may find it easy speaking the language but others may find it a little difficult. However, social media and other useful apps have made it easy for the ones who really want to learn to speak the English language. One may often make use of slang English language but that is not the right way to speak or write. Hence, here we are listing down some effective ways of how one can acquire a great English speaking skill.

  • Develop a habit to speak in English with your friends and family throughout the day. It is a language and it is not possible to develop a flair for speaking English in a day or two.  Therefore if you are really keen on learning verbal English then speak with confidence to your classmates, teachers, family members, or any place that you visit.
  • Watch English movies or shows. Watch it without English subtitles. Hear it effectively and try to pick up words. If you are not sure of the meaning then you can find it out from the dictionary. You can also watch shows online so that you can go back to dialogues that you have not understood. Gradually you will know how to put words correctly and make them really expressive.
  • Engage in some activities that will provoke you to speak in English. See, it is a language. It is not a course or cuisine that you will learn in the given number of days. Learning a language will require practice. Hence you can become a member of a library, club, drama (English), or any other activity that will motivate you to speak in the English language.
  • When you are around people who speak the English language then listen to them carefully. Try to speak like them. Involve them in a non-controversial debate. Sing songs, recite poems, play the tongue twister game, and there’s much more that you can do.  Slowly you will also be able to speak in the same way and still sound it very natural. However, we would still say that it is a matter of just practice.
  • Make a habit of reading. Read books, blogs, magazines, newspapers, and any material that you find in English. This practice will not only help you have a pool of words but also help you master fluency. Dictionary is your best friend when trying to cope with the language. Keep it with you and use it the most.
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Remember that nothing is too difficult to not learn. We are sure that these tips will help you in learning the language and build your confidence. However, if you feel lost and want us to assist you then feel free to get in touch with us.

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